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Saturday, August 12, 2006


Good afternoon, everyone. David and I have been out in this heat, running errands, visiting with friends, and are now back totally sweaty and exhausted.
We ran downtown to eat at the Purple Ladder, and since we haven't been there in a good while, were delighted to see boothes alongside of the wall. I grabbed one and they were so comfy! And they are bright red, which really made me happy! I ordered a "Morgan Freeman" and David got his usual, the "Madonna". You see, all the sandwiches there have names. Vicksburg is so upscale. The Morgan Freeman was particularly good today!! Anyway, then I walked around to a few stores looking for a birthday present, but then we went to Daniel's coffeeshop where we had such a nice visit. I am serious, y'all, you need to come here so we can go there! You will love it!!!
Then later on we went to Billy's Italian Restaurant to tell Billy about the CT scan and who was in there but Walt Grayson! Now anybody from Mississippi knows who he is - he was at first a dj on the biggest country station in MS, then he became the weatherman on television. Now he has his own folksy show, "Look Around Mississipp", so of course, I went up to him and asked if he was doing just that. He said that he was as long as there was air conditioning! So, I proceeded to tell him of the wedding, can you believe it was two weeks ago??!!, and how it wasn't supposed to be as hot as it is here!!!! I had met him twice before, but I didn't even introduce myself. We southerners can have long conversations without introductions and it is just fine!!
So, now we are home. And I just KNOW that you all were just hanging on every word that I just wrote. Well, I write as I talk, so if you know me, then you shouldn't be surprised.
My mother in law is coming over to watch a movie any minute from now. David just handed me a bunch of tv guides to throw away, but I have kept about four out. But, Christopher, I DID throw away about five, so you should be proud of me!!!
Well, she's here, the doorbell just rang.
We will talk later!


  • At Saturday, August 12, 2006, Blogger baldman76 said…

    Five TV guides is a START, and now that they're all big and "magazine-sized," you need to take extra steps not to start fillin' a basket with those now...

    Oh, and Walt Grayson...that's cool, but what you NEED to be doin' is kickin' it with old BURT CASE and his wind-sock hair. Word.

    We just watched Monsoon Wedding. You should watch it.


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