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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Saturday morning

Good morning, everyone!! It is another beautiful day in the neighborhood. People are cutting their grass, walking their dogs, sweating. A year ago I was just so convinced that the experts were wrong and that there was NO WAY that a hurricane was heading our way! Boy, was I wrong! The only thing I liked about that whole Katrina thing was Kathie and Rick being here for three weeks! And there will be tons of retrospectives on the hurricane next week, and then a couple of weeks later, 9/11 stuff. I don't think I can watch the 9/11 stuff, but the Katrina stuff should be pretty interesting. Not that the other won't be "interesting" - I just don't have the heart to watch it yet. Maybe in about 25 years I can watch it!
OK GO's treadmill video? I cannot stop watching it!! How on EARTH did they learn that routine and how on EARTH did they not break something while learning it?? It is fabulous! If you haven't gone to see it yet, then I urge you to go RIGHT NOW!! It will be worth your while, I guarantee it!!

That's about it in my feeble brain right now. We have to go to hell, uh, I mean Wal-Mart today and then more than likely, the coffee shop for a delicious and healthful smoothie!!! And regular readers know how that is my favorite place now. It is just so nice to have a "hangout"!!!
Happy late birthday to Kathie in Long Beach! I didn't forget. I just was too lazy to get a card in the mail. She and Rick will be back here the end of September, hopefully NOT for hurricane reasons, and we are looking forward to that. Kathie, I will bake you cake!!! Happy happy to you, my good friend!!!!


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