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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Next Chicago topic

Good morning! It is almost nine, the dogs and cats haven't been let out yet, Goober hasn't been walked yet, it is getting hotter by the minute, but here I am, writing the next installment of the week in Chicago. I have had my coffee so I am raring to go. David had to leave at 5:30 this morning to go to Golden Moon in Choctaw, MS, so he usually releases the hounds, but they can just wait for a while today!
A little off topic - I have the appointment with the cardiologist tomorrow. I feel like cancelling it but David won't let me. I have been taking half of the beta blocker and it is apparently working, so unless I am about to keel over from blockage, I am going to hold off on more tests until after next week's CT scan on David. I can only deal with so much. Ironically, while we were in Chicago, I only had the heart pounding/fluttering when I was tired and hungry (which was kind of a lot!). But as soon as I would sit down or eat, I felt absolutely fine. We get back here, and it just goes to town. I do think it is stress related. I mean, really, y'all should see the clothes I need to wash. When I go let out the animals, I will get the first load in. Maybe that will let me feel calmer, knowing that I have started getting stuff done. But I have had two complete battery of tests on my heart before and both times everything was all right. I have never smoked, I exercise, and while I gained quite a bit of weight in the first year and a half of our cancer journey, I have lost quite a bit of it, am eating better (Jordan almonds notwithstanding) so I feel that everything will be okay. I can take half a beta blocker everyday, thank you very much!
OKAY, enough about that. I want to talk today about my wonderful son Christopher and his absolutely beautiful wife, Katie.
Christopher was due into Chicago on Wednesday about 12:30 p.m. His plane was grounded due to a malfunction (thank GOD it was found on the ground!), so he didn't get into Midway until about 8:30 that evening. Erica, Fuzzy, and I went to pick him up and he was so cute coming through that door. He is such a fine young man, I am so proud of him! Anyway, we head back to the apartment and he stays with E and F. She was quite fragile, being so sick and with the wedding only a few days away. So, the next day we were back over there and I told her a sweet story that I had read about how a woman married her husband after only knowing him for two weeks and how everyone had predicted it wouldn't last and she said they were right, it didn't. It only lasted 60 years, 10 months, and a few days. Well, instead of her going, aww, that's sweet, she started crying, so what did Christopher say? "Okay, from now on, we only tell fart jokes!" which made me just laugh out loud!! He was her grounding. Oh, hold on. Led Zeppelin is coming on the radio, must turn it up.....they are really good!! ANYWAY, he helped them out with stuff at the apartment and was very needed and appreciated. And since he and Erica had not seen each other since Christmas, they had time to just be together, which was very good and calming for her. They have always been very very close, something that makes us very happy.
Then Friday morning, C and I are standing outside our hotel waiting for Katie and we see this beautiful girl a couple of blocks away, heading in our direction. It was Katie, looking absolutely radiant!!! She just absolutely had a glow about her, maybe it was sweat, but it just looked great on her, whatever it was!! She has her new job and it was obvious that she was very happy. I honestly don't remember much of Friday afternoon, only that David and I took cabs downtown and back to buy ballet slipper bedroom shoes and a slip, but C and K were helping E and F get set up for the rehearsal and supper. They spent Friday night with us, and then the next morning E and C and I went to a breakfast and then to the beauty shop. Katie and David had transported the mothers to the beauty shop, and then C and K went on to the loft. I mean, Katie doesn't need a beauty shop for her beautiful hair!!!
During the wedding, I was just trying to stay cool, but when C and K would come blowing through, I could tell that they were working their butts off getting stuff together. Then it was time to get all gussied up for the actual ceremony. Here comes Christopher, looking dapper in his suit and then Katie walks in LOOKING LIKE A MILLION BUCKS in a beautiful dress that she just picked up at Goodwill!!!!! OMIGOD!! I just don't remember being able to look that good so effortlessly. I mean, this generation of young women can just throw on something, and they look great! The baby boomers still had to wear hose (which, by the way, I see no reason EVER to wear hose again), slips, a girdle, for God's sake, and for me at least, by the time I left my house, I looked like a don't in Glamour magazine!! All of these young women looked fabulous!! And Katie with her gorgeous hair (I hope their children get her hair. Our side of the family does not have good hair!), well, she was just beautiful.
After the ceremony, they again worked their butts off, getting stuff put out and then rounded up and carried to waiting cars to get the food/gifts/flowers back to E and F's apartment. And they had some very good friends there with them that night. But that is the next topic, so I will go into that more later.
Anyway, they had a flight out Sunday afternoon, so I didn't really get to spend a lot of time with them, but that is not what this week was about. I have yet to see all of the Africa pictures or hear stories, but we will get to do that later on. They gave us some very nice gifts from Africa, which is exciting, and brought Erica and Fuzzy a beautiful framed print from Africa, which, got to ride in the cockpit of the plane to Chicago!
So, now I have a wonderful son in law, in addition to my wonderful daughter in law. And as David and I have said many many times, it makes us extremely happy that our children have found such wonderful mates. I am looking forward to many years with all of them, some grandchildren maybe? They will all make wonderful parents, that's for sure. Odds are some of my grandchildren will be living in Africa!!! But that is what planes are for. I do wish I had remembered that before I booked those tickets on the train, but that is yesterday's topic!!!!
Well, the dogs and cats are probably doing the peepee dance so I better go let them out and walk Goober before it gets too hot.
Talk later!


  • At Thursday, August 03, 2006, Anonymous Katie's mom said…

    In regard to praising each other's kids... my cousin, Donna, said Chris has the kindest face of any human being she has ever seen, and I agree. The fact is, he IS one of the kindest human beings alive, and I'm so glad that he and Katie are together. We ALL are so lucky!

  • At Thursday, August 03, 2006, Anonymous Katie's Mom said…

    BTW, can't wait to see photos of the wedding.

  • At Thursday, August 03, 2006, Blogger wagsandpurrs said…

    Katie's mom, you just made me cry!! And I can't wait to see photos either. I am sure when they get back to Chicago, we will start seeing tons!!!!!
    We are very lucky, aren't we?


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