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Friday, August 04, 2006


Here it is, 12:33 a.m. I was very tired, but just couldn't go to sleep, so I got up, like all of the authorities on sleep are now saying. Hopefully, I will be in bed soon.
But until then, here I am!! We went to Natchez today. We didn't get away until noon so I was starving and already ready to come home. I ate a HUGE meal, and then when David got through working and we trudged to the car, he was like "so, what do you want to do in Natchez today?" and I hated to tell him that I just wanted to come home!! We had passed a sign for a frog farm on the way down there and on the way back he suggested we stop in, but not being a real big fan of frogs, I asked him if we could do it some other time. It worked out for the best, though, because he had some parts waiting here so he went on to the casino and put them in. We'll just have to make a special trip to the frog farm soon. I cannot wait.
I am a tad under the weather. I have been extremely healthy lately in regard to colds and the like. So, for the last few months, I have periodically gotten a pain in my chest that feels like congestion, but after a couple of days, it is gone. Well, I sound like Lauren Bacall now. I took all the vitamin and supplemental stuff tonight, but with the heat and the fatigue, I am afraid that it will not go away very quickly. It is very annoying. I kind of sound like a frog. I guess I would have felt right at home at the frog farm!!!

Earlier in the week I mentioned that my next wedding week topic would be Friends. Not the television show (but wasn't it good?), but real, live friends of ours. Erica and Fuzzy have an incredible amount of friends who truly love them. They loved them enough to come stand in hundred degree heat to see them get married, they helped get stuff done before and after the wedding. Rebecca Rine-Stone did a beautiful job with the flowers, Sara Maguire did a wonderful ceremony, the photographer was very good and took tons of pictures, Erica Livingston and Sara Champagne came in from New York and were incredible wedding pirates, Rebecca Hanson was there to help in whatever way she could, Mel and Leslie were great in getting things done and making sure it got done smoothly, and the list could go on and on. Fuzzy's friend Shaun helped out tremendously, as well as others that I don't know about. Adam and Sara May from NC came and ended up helping lug stuff downstairs and into their rental car and then back to E and F's apartment. Alex Farlow and his lovely lady, Alyssa, also came from New York to share in the joy. Alex is also an old friend from from WC days that has kept in touch and become a closer friend than before. Just an amazing network of friends!! They say having a great network of friends can help you live longer. Well, Erica and Fuzzy will get to be very very old!!!!!
And David and I have great friends, too. Jean Brudevold and her sister Susan Willingham came for the wedding. They found me sitting in front of the floor fan after the wedding. Jean and I have been friends for many years and it is always good to have her around. And she really likes James Michener!! And my friends Carolyn and Curtis Buford, and their daughter, Melissa Dixon (one of Erica's oldest friends) flew in on Friday. This September marks the 40th anniversary of the day Carolyn and I met. It really means a lot to me that she came to the wedding, even though I know she was very hot and tired and retreated to an air conditioned cafe after the wedding ceremony!! I really can't say that I blame her!!
And Erica and Fuzzy got so many wonderful gifts!! Lordy, when we got married, we got more Corning Ware than we could ever use, and FIVE crystal and silver salad bowls, of which I took back four. About six years ago gave the other one away. Never ever used it! Nowadays you can register for anything, not just china, crystal, and silverware, which is all you could register for in 1975!!!! That makes it much more practical to give a gift that you know will be used. I mean, I got a cast iron ice tong as a gift! We had no clue why. I mean, we did have ice trays by then and didn't have to go to an ice house to pick up a block of ice!!! I have never figured that out. But be assured that I thanked the giver profusely for that cast iron ice tong. I guess "tongs" is more correct. Maybe it was regifted! Whatever, I got rid of the ice tongs pretty early on in our marriage!!
Anyway, thanks to everyone for being there for Erica and Fuzzy, Christopher and Katie, and David and I. We do truly appreciate it!
Well, I am getting tired now and the little handicapable kitten has pooped on the floor, so I think I will call it a night. It's a night.


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