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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Okay. Anybody that knows us KNOWS how much we love scifi. And anyone who knows us KNOWS what our favorite scifi show is - STARGATE SG-1. So, imagine my shock, displeasure, utter horror, ANGER at my discovery that our beloved show, which just celebrated its 200th hilarious episode, WAS CANCELLED QUIETLY LAST WEEK!!!! They waited to announce it after the 200th episode special!! The ratings have not gone down, the writing is better than ever, the characters are great, and the SciFi channel wants to "thank" Stargate for the many good years, but they have decided that they were not going to renew for an eleventh season. They did this to Farscape, also, but it had only been on for, I believe, four seasons, and to be honest, the writing just got kind of bizarre on that. They redeemed themselves with the "movie" that gave us fans some closure. Same thing with Firefly, although the writing was getting better on that show. Problem with Firefly was that it was on Fox and instead of showing the series in order, they kind of jumped around a bit with it. No one could tell what the hell was happening until you watched it in order on the dvd. Then it made perfect sense! Funny how that works.
But STARGATE???? I do not think that the SciFi channel knows what it has, seriously. I mean, just recently they started showing wrestling, for God's sake! Wrestling? Science fiction? Fiction, maybe, but scifi?
There is a great You Tube video to help save Stargate and if I knew how, I would put the link right here > so everyone could watch it. And since I have dsl, it actually plays on my computer. For the record, I LOVE my dsl!!!
So, if you want to join in the campaign to help save this show, I would appreciate it!! You could send an email to and tell them that a crazed scifi fan in Mississippi NEEDS this show to stay on the air!!! And more than likely, they have already made up their minds, it is probably already written in stone that it is cancelled, and they have probably started dismantling the gates themselves, but it is worth a try to see if it will help. I mean, it worked for Family Guy!!!!
Okay, I must go soak my cares away. Too bad the coffee shop isn't open!


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