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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Fun day at River Region

So, bright and early Monday morning, after a morning of no food or coffee, and after a weekend of not feeling well due to crud in my chest, I headed out to River Region for a nuclear stress test!! How fun was that!! I got an IV, then they sent me out to the waiting room to wait until my insides started to glow, I guess, then I got to go lay on a table with my arms above my head so they could take pictures of my heart. Again, fun stuff. Then, back to the waiting room, where some woman was talking about pot roast! A few minutes later, I go back in and they hook me up again to an IV and started putting a bunch of electrodes all over my chest and then on to the treadmill I went. My blood pressure was very good when we started out, then they injected something for some reason, then sped up the treadmill, I walked, then they did it again, and I could see my bp was going up, but not too much, then the technician, who I am pretty sure never went through a tact seminar (although she was nice) goes, WOW!! YOU SURE ARE THROWING PVC'S! CAN YOU FEEL IT? Now, my first thought was "poly vinyl chloride, pipes?" and I asked her what she meant. Then the doctor, who I hadn't seen yet, comes running in and asked if I was having chest pain or tightness, and I was like, yes, tightness, thanks! The woman then asked what was the reason I was there, and I said fast heartbeat and she said oh. Rocket scientist, I'm pretty sure. I do count that as my exercise for yesterday, though. But then that was through and they gave me peanut butter, crackers, and a cup of coffee!! YAY! After a few minutes, they call me back for more of the arms over my head pictures. We do that, I get up, and then WAIT!! YOU TALKED!! We have to do it again. Mybad. I just needed to talk and the tech talked back. So, it was his fault!
I didn't move a muscle this time, even though my head and nose were itching and my arm just just getting all stoved up in that awkward position. And everything was perfect and I could leave and go get lunch. Which I did. The afternoon felt the effects of the stuff in my system. YUCK, but I do feel a little better today. So, since nobody immediately admitted me to the hospital for "throwing pvc's", I trust I will get the results on August 17 when I go back to the cardiologist. So, one trauma down this week, one more to go! Since I am having this irregular heart beat junk, David and I have decided that when we go to his oncologist on Thursday afternoon, I will stay in the waiting room. I just honestly don't think I can sit in there and wait for the doctor to come in. Call me chicken, but I just can't do it.
I talked to the new Mrs. Gerdes at length yesterday. They had a wonderful honeymoon, and speaking of chickens, apparently have started a new collection of wooden ones!! I myself have quite a few chickens around the house. Wooden ones, that is. Although, I would so love a live chicken, but with the cats, particularly Smokey, the chicken wouldn't last too long. That Smokey just leaps in the air to catch birds, he would so love to chase a chicken on the ground!
School started today. I didn't hear the buses, though. We have new people moving in right behind us in the remodeled house, and I think there are kids there, so since the bus routes are always screwed up on the first day, I expect to see them here tomorrow. Unreal that it is August 8 and school is in session!
Well, that is all for now. I need to venture out in the cool weather to walk Goober. And I am joking. It is not cool outside. Some joke, eh?


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