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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Doctor report

Okay, the cardiologist wants me to have a nuclear stress test on Monday. I have had two of those before, not pleasant but I will survive. He didn't seem too upset looking at my EKG, but my blood pressure was higher than ever, but I told him that I was still very tired from our trip and I was nervous about coming to see him today. He told me to take my Xanax!!! I probably won't take it that much, maybe next week when we see DAVID'S doctor, maybe a couple of Xanax!!!! Anyway, that's that. He seems to think that it is a weakness in the heart muscle and prescribed the beta blocker that I was already taking. I mean, I can't quit smoking because I never have, I am exercising everyday, I have lost weight, I do eat better than before, so, there isn't a whole lot more that I can do than what I have been doing!!! So, that is all of that. I intend to keep on trying to improve. That has to help!
My mother in law does NOT have pneumonia, but she has congestion that she got medicine for. So, that is good.
It is so hot here right now. The heat index is at 106 right now. We brought Linda's exercise bike here and put it on the deck and I rode it for about five minutes. That is something that I will have to do in small increments to build my stamina. I wanted to bring it in, but to be honest, there just isn't that much room!! So, it will be nice outside. I want David to ride it too, but mosquitoes might be a problem for him. He is going on and on right now about he got eaten up sitting out there a few minutes ago.
Daniel's coffee shop - y'all, it is just so great to have a hang out!!!!! Instead of teens, we're all "of a certain age" and it is just so much fun! I had a great fruit smoothie today and Daniel was talking about in about six weeks he will start making some food items. He was talking about making some jambalaya and gumbo, and soups and stuff. Doesn't that sound heavenly??? I mean it, y'all come on down! We may not have room for the exercise bike, but we do have room for guests!!!!!!
Okay, my topic on "friends" will be later on, possibly even Saturday. I am riding to Natchez with David tomorrow, so that should be fun. A nice stroll down the streets of Natchez in 100 degree heat. Ahhhh.......


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