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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

update on Norma

Well, it's broken. She cracked the radial head of her elbow and has to see an orthopedic doctor on Friday. She is in a lot of pain, and her leg is really badly scraped, so feeding those birds cost her a lot more than the price of birdseed!!!!
So, that is it.


Morning, all. I have an update on my mother in law. First, a little backstory on the weekend. She called me all upset on Saturday, and rightly so, because when she tried to turn on a burner to heat some water, flames shot out of the control knob! We went over there later in the day and the smell of gas would knock you out! Luckily, she was okay, but David turned the gas off and we opened up some windows and got some fresh air in there. So, Monday, they came out and looked at her situation, and by "they", I think the people she was getting a new cooktop from, and they scheduled the installation for yesterday. So, yesterday, she gets up, goes outside to feed the birds, and fell. As the day wore on, her arm hurt more and more, so David stopped by there on his way home from Natchez. He hadn't been home fifteen minutes last night when she called and was in horrible pain and wanted us to come out there. We gave her some tylenol, something to eat, and then wrapped an ace bandage around her arm, and then made kind of a sling.
So, today, I am taking her to the doctor to get it xrayed. I wouldn't be surprised if it was broken but I wouldn't be surprised if it was just very badly bruised. So, I have to shake off my headache and backache, because David can't go and I will be having to push and pull her in and out of the car, which won't be easy because her arm really hurts! We had trouble getting her out of her chair last night. I will keep you posted.
Because of all of this, I didn't get to see the special on Katrina last night, but what I did see wasn't very good. I mean, there is a newsguy standing, LIVE, as they kept saying, on the side of the road in Biloxi, and he was sweating bullets and they kept showing the casinos that are up and running and where people are going to build, etc. Not the kind of show I was expecting. I did find a good show on the History Channel, about the National Guard's first response. It was more of what I wanted to see, footage of them rescuing people and how they got to the people, that kind of stuff. But then we had to leave. So, I saw enough. I mean, dang, we still have a tarp on our roof from Katrina!!! Thank goodness it is not a blue one!!
Well, I had better go take care of the critters before I go get Norma.
Have a good day!!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A year ago

A year ago, we had company. A year ago, it was raining. A year ago, our power went out and we had to eat at Horizon Casino, one of the few places with a generator. Watching a retrospective on Katrina's attack of New Orleans last night, I saw things that I hadn't gotten to see during that first five days due to us having no electricity. Lord. I just watched trying not to sob. Tonight's retrospective will be on the MS Gulf Coast and I am afraid I just might sob a bit during that one. David has to go to Gulfport for work on Thursday and I said I would love to eat at that beautiful Olive Garden that we ate at before, but oh wait, it is just a slab now. As is all of the homes, restaurants, and stores. But I am not going with him because he wants to get in and out of there pretty fast so he can get home fairly early, so I'll just stay here. Unless Kathie Murray takes off work!!! But she will be up here in a few weeks, so she probably won't do that!!
And then just around the corner is the fifth anniversary of 9/11. I can't even TALK about that without crying, so I don't think I am going to be watching too much of that on television and I am damn sure not going to see the big screen movies out on the subject, either. I'll just take the reviewers' word for whether they are good or not!!
And continuing in this somber mood, that plane crash in Kentucky on Sunday. It was tragic enough, but there was a couple who had been married the evening before on that flight? Having just gone through the joy and stress of Erica and Fuzzy's wedding, this just broke my heart so much, to think of the parents who saw their children pledge "til death do us part" and then, the next morning. I cannot fathom the grief that their parents are feeling, and I pray that I never will. But, and I know it is a cliche, but there but by the grace of God really fits that situation. Again, dealing with cancer is just not so bad, you know???

It is a beautiful, but extremely muggy day today. I had thought about getting Goober and taking her for a walk at the river park, but I don't think I could take it,nor could that fat little dog. I have to do something to shake off my melancholy, though, but I don't know what to do. David has gone to Natchez but he didn't think I should go because who knows what they will throw at him when he gets there. I think I might bake something. This weekend is supposed to be beautiful and cooler so I am really looking forward to that. I don't remember Labor Day last year, but the Murrays were here so I guess we did something! I just don't remember! I would like to go somewhere and relax so I am going to do my best to make sure it happens. We went to the coffee shop yesterday after David's treatment and it was great, as usual. Daniel and Lesley are going to Telluride tomorrow for the film festival and it is 33 degrees at night there!! Sounds wonderful!!!! I just hope the pilot uses the right runway. So does Daniel.
My mother in law fell this morning on her way out to feed the birds. She lay (laid?) on the concrete for about an hour until a neighbor heard her yell. They called an ambulance and they got her inside. No broken bones, thank God, but I really think that both she and my mother need those "I've fallen and I can't get up" things. Maybe if we give it to them as Christmas gifts!!!! That would work!
A funny thing happened a few minutes ago. I decided to vacuum (don't faint) and so I turned it on and heard a loud "clump" and when I went into the living room to see what the kitten was doing, she was gone! That "clump" was her, jumping off of the couch and bless her sweet little crippled legs, she was running as fast as she could across the room. She is so sweet and cute. One day I will be able to put a picture of her on here so everyone can see how sweet and cute she is!!!!! She is okay,now, back on her comforter on the couch. She has a tough life.
Well, that is it for now. I hope I didn't bring anyone down! Just some random thoughts that I just needed to share, so thanks for indulging me!!

Sunday, August 27, 2006


It's noon, Sunday. Drizzling rain. Cloudy. I love it. It could pour all afternoon, as far as I'm concerned! We have shows to watch, little chores to do, perfect for a rainy Sunday afternoon.
Apparently I have a new grandcat named Moki. She looks an awful lot like a tortoiseshell cat that we had for years named Coco, who I also called Moki at time. I tend to have a dozen nicknames for each of my cats. Needless to say, that's a lot of nicknames! Anyway, congrats Christopher and short haired Katie (I like it!)!! I just hope you don't have to get a cage for her!! Our little Coco was insane, really insane, in a sweet way, and needed to be isolated from the other cats. It seems a million years ago that we just had her, Bumble, and Freda. WHAT HAPPENED???? Bobbie showed up, had babies, we kept them, Rudy showed up, Punky showed up, Little Guy was born, we move here and the hobo cat network was activated so here they all come, and all of a sudden, we have 17 cats!!! But as much trouble as they can be, and expensive as they can be, I do love them all. We have one kitten that I would love to find a good home for before something happens to her, or she gets pregnant. I wish we had a low cost spay/neuter program around here but we don't. All of our utilities are going up in September, our gas is higher than it is 45 minutes away in Jackson, so OF COURSE the vets here and our city administrators aren't going to do anything to help control the pet population, other than cart them off and kill them within a week if they aren't claimed. I mean, we can't even get recycling here! Okay, I'm getting mad. Counterproductive to my lazy Sunday afternoon.
That's all for now.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Saturday morning

Good morning, everyone!! It is another beautiful day in the neighborhood. People are cutting their grass, walking their dogs, sweating. A year ago I was just so convinced that the experts were wrong and that there was NO WAY that a hurricane was heading our way! Boy, was I wrong! The only thing I liked about that whole Katrina thing was Kathie and Rick being here for three weeks! And there will be tons of retrospectives on the hurricane next week, and then a couple of weeks later, 9/11 stuff. I don't think I can watch the 9/11 stuff, but the Katrina stuff should be pretty interesting. Not that the other won't be "interesting" - I just don't have the heart to watch it yet. Maybe in about 25 years I can watch it!
OK GO's treadmill video? I cannot stop watching it!! How on EARTH did they learn that routine and how on EARTH did they not break something while learning it?? It is fabulous! If you haven't gone to see it yet, then I urge you to go RIGHT NOW!! It will be worth your while, I guarantee it!!

That's about it in my feeble brain right now. We have to go to hell, uh, I mean Wal-Mart today and then more than likely, the coffee shop for a delicious and healthful smoothie!!! And regular readers know how that is my favorite place now. It is just so nice to have a "hangout"!!!
Happy late birthday to Kathie in Long Beach! I didn't forget. I just was too lazy to get a card in the mail. She and Rick will be back here the end of September, hopefully NOT for hurricane reasons, and we are looking forward to that. Kathie, I will bake you cake!!! Happy happy to you, my good friend!!!!

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Good morning, all. I have calmed down from my shock over Stargate's cancellation. I am still ticked off, but September 1, the SciFi Wrestling Channel is going to run eight episodes of the fan favorites of Stargate. I sure hope no one needs anything that day, because I will be watching, holding my little black kitten!
Erica has a friend Tim, with whom she worked with at the Goodman Theatre, who is in the group OK GO. They are featured in the back to school ads for JC Penney - watch closely. ANYWAY, their videos feature some quite bizarre dancing (not bizarre like Elaine's, just bizarre choreography) and their newest goes a step beyond the dancing. They dance on treadmills! And again, I wish I knew how to put links in here, but I don't know how. So, just put Ok Go in the search engine and their videos will be on a page. And with my new dsl, which I LOVE, I can watch them, which I have more than once today. It is a great way to start the day!! Of course, if I even attempted any of the moves that they do, I would break my leg or something. In fact, I read a comment about how OK GO was irresponsible because some child could watch it and try to do the moves and then get hurt! COME ON!! And keep those children off of escalators because thousands are injured that way every year, too!!!!
And who would have thought that I would be enjoying cooking so much again?? Certainly not me!! I didn't realize how sick I was of stir fry and microwave food. And eating out was getting expensive!! I need to go get some more food to cook, though because I haven't had the need until now!! I mean, when I would see a good recipe, if it started out "preheat oven to 350", I would just skip over it BECAUSE I COULD NOT PREHEAT ANYTHING!!!! So, if anyone is heading this way, let me know and I will cook you something! I'll bake a cake!!! And then we can go to the coffee shop!
Well, that is about it for now. It has rained in the last 24 hours so it is not unbearably hot, but it is very humid. I am so ready for some cool breezes!! Watch it be wonderful weather on September 1!!! I would have to just watch four hours of Stargate and go outside for the other four!!!! I could live with that.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Okay. Anybody that knows us KNOWS how much we love scifi. And anyone who knows us KNOWS what our favorite scifi show is - STARGATE SG-1. So, imagine my shock, displeasure, utter horror, ANGER at my discovery that our beloved show, which just celebrated its 200th hilarious episode, WAS CANCELLED QUIETLY LAST WEEK!!!! They waited to announce it after the 200th episode special!! The ratings have not gone down, the writing is better than ever, the characters are great, and the SciFi channel wants to "thank" Stargate for the many good years, but they have decided that they were not going to renew for an eleventh season. They did this to Farscape, also, but it had only been on for, I believe, four seasons, and to be honest, the writing just got kind of bizarre on that. They redeemed themselves with the "movie" that gave us fans some closure. Same thing with Firefly, although the writing was getting better on that show. Problem with Firefly was that it was on Fox and instead of showing the series in order, they kind of jumped around a bit with it. No one could tell what the hell was happening until you watched it in order on the dvd. Then it made perfect sense! Funny how that works.
But STARGATE???? I do not think that the SciFi channel knows what it has, seriously. I mean, just recently they started showing wrestling, for God's sake! Wrestling? Science fiction? Fiction, maybe, but scifi?
There is a great You Tube video to help save Stargate and if I knew how, I would put the link right here > so everyone could watch it. And since I have dsl, it actually plays on my computer. For the record, I LOVE my dsl!!!
So, if you want to join in the campaign to help save this show, I would appreciate it!! You could send an email to and tell them that a crazed scifi fan in Mississippi NEEDS this show to stay on the air!!! And more than likely, they have already made up their minds, it is probably already written in stone that it is cancelled, and they have probably started dismantling the gates themselves, but it is worth a try to see if it will help. I mean, it worked for Family Guy!!!!
Okay, I must go soak my cares away. Too bad the coffee shop isn't open!

Monday, August 21, 2006


Well, here I am on my new dsl "thing". I do not know how to get my new email account going, I do not know how to find my favorites from aol, I do not know how to bookmark anything on bellsouth. So, bear with me if email or anything gets sent back to you. I'm going to have to learn what to do. I do know that this is faster than aol has ever been, so I think I will like that, and the fact that the phone can ring! I am hoping that things will get easier as I go. But I am not such a fan of "new" things, so I hope that it doesn't take too long for me to familiarize myself with all of the benefits. And what does dsl stand for?
So, this weekend. I got a stove. We bought a used, but very clean, 3 or 4 year stove and took out the dinosaur that we had been cooking on for almost seven years. David took the back off and saw that probably decades ago, someone had already bypassed some of the elements! No WONDER when I fixed a pan of rolls, one side would be burned and the other would be doughy!!! I mean, it was at least 52 years old!!!! And dang, WE'RE 52 and some of OUR elements don't work so great either!!!!!
How 'bout that Tiger Woods? I watched "at" that golf game yesterday. For some odd reason, I had fever! I was aching all over like I had the flu!! I thought I was just sore from helping David move the stoves (my joke was that I was "stove up". Southerners will get that!), but apparently, some evil bug had gotten into my bloodstream and put me under the weather! Speaking of weather, it is 100 degrees right now. That is just so wrong. I have been out today in the heat, wearing blue jeans! LORDY, it is hot!! I feel pretty good today, though.
My cat, Buffy, sees a fly in here. She is going to break something, I just know it. Oh well, one less dish to wash would be fine by me.
And of course, it just wouldn't be right for me not to mention the coffee shop. Yes, we hung out there Saturday afternoon. I just cannot express how much we enjoy that! Good friends, good atmosphere, good smoothie(ey?), good coffee. Love it!!
Have a great evening, all!

Friday, August 18, 2006

update on today

OKAY!!! Yes, we did go to the coffee shop and I had a wonderful smoothie. Are you getting excited yet? THEN, we came home. Yup. We came home. I am pleased to announce that Callie did too, ready to eat and get cool. She is now a cool cat I am relieved. I need a calico in my life.
AND, AND, STARGATE WAS FABULOUS!!! It could have been longer, in my humble opinion. There were so many in jokes and not so in jokes. They had said it would be "a valentine to our fans" and yes, it was. We do so loves the sci fi.
And now, I am going to bed. Don't be jealous of our action packed lives.Promise me.

Friday afternoon

Good afternoon, everyone. I know I haven't posted in a few days, but dang it, there has been absolutely nothing of note to post! I mean, it's still hot. At the moment, the heat index is at 105. Yeah, I want to go do something outside, that's for sure!! We do have a cat missing - our calico with the very unusual name of "Callie" didn't come home last night and we have not seen any evidence of her today, so I am concerned. And while I was out looking for her last night, there was some kind of game at the stadium and the police sirens were going and at one point, we heard the police say to someone to put them hands on the street so I came on back inside!! No point getting shot looking for a cat, is there?
We have a big Sci Fi channel night in store for us - Stargate SG-1's 200th episode. Looking forward to that.
SEE!! THERE IS NOTHING TO WRITE ABOUT!!!!! I think we are going to make an appearance at the coffee shop in a few minutes. That will be fun. And then we will come home. whoopeefrickindoo! Our life is so exciting.
So, that's it for now. I don't even have the ooomph to type right now, and I really do love to type!!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tuesday morning

Good morning, all. I hope everything is well in your part of the world.
Update on David - he had his first Avastin treatment yesterday. Apparently there is a new study just out that says it is okay to greatly increase the dosage, so just about everyone at the Cancer Center is getting this increased dosage. It is about 50% more than he was getting, not double, as the doctor led us to believe. That is fine with me - Avastin raises blood pressure and the chance for heart attack and strokes! I was going to sit with him, but again, the chairs were filling up so I came home until he was finished. Let's hope that this treatment continues that cavitation that showed up on the scan, and causes the liver growth to do the same thing. I am so ready to kick this cancer to the curb.
On a good note, the wedding pictures are online! And if I do say so myself, I have got two good lookin' kids!! And they have married two more good lookin' kids!!!! And isn't my pants outfit pretty??? I am so glad that I went with that! I just love it!! The pics on the roof were great. I, myself, did not venture up there where the sun was microwaving everyone. I was slow cooking inside the loft! But I think all of the pictures are great. It will be hard to choose, I'm tellin' ya.
On another note, it is the kind of weather to just sit and read. In air conditioning!
My friend, Celia Rivenbark, has a new book out on September 5 called HOW NOT TO DRESS YOUR 6 YEAR OLD LIKE A SKANK. Celia WAS to be in Jackson AND Chicago in September, but the powers that be changed her schedule and now she will not be in either place. But I know it will be a highly entertaining book, so this is a plug for everyone to go get it. Her other two, BLESS YOUR HEART,TRAMP and WE'RE JUST LIKE YOU, ONLY PRETTIER are now both out in paperback. Fun reads.
On my health note, my pvc's have slowed down, but I just cannot get out and walk in this heat, so I feel that I will be 500 pounds by cooler weather! It is just unbearable! After D's treatment yesterday, we went to Cracker Barrel, of course, and it was even burning up in there. Quite interesting with all of the fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas decorations up!! I wish we were independently wealthy and we could go somewhere for a few weeks, like say, Cape May, and just sit out on the beach, chillin' with Diana and Jim!!! One day, Diana, we will do just that!
Well, if anything happens exciting today, I will let y'all know, but I am kind of thinking it will be low-key, which is fine by me.
Take care!

Saturday, August 12, 2006


Good afternoon, everyone. David and I have been out in this heat, running errands, visiting with friends, and are now back totally sweaty and exhausted.
We ran downtown to eat at the Purple Ladder, and since we haven't been there in a good while, were delighted to see boothes alongside of the wall. I grabbed one and they were so comfy! And they are bright red, which really made me happy! I ordered a "Morgan Freeman" and David got his usual, the "Madonna". You see, all the sandwiches there have names. Vicksburg is so upscale. The Morgan Freeman was particularly good today!! Anyway, then I walked around to a few stores looking for a birthday present, but then we went to Daniel's coffeeshop where we had such a nice visit. I am serious, y'all, you need to come here so we can go there! You will love it!!!
Then later on we went to Billy's Italian Restaurant to tell Billy about the CT scan and who was in there but Walt Grayson! Now anybody from Mississippi knows who he is - he was at first a dj on the biggest country station in MS, then he became the weatherman on television. Now he has his own folksy show, "Look Around Mississipp", so of course, I went up to him and asked if he was doing just that. He said that he was as long as there was air conditioning! So, I proceeded to tell him of the wedding, can you believe it was two weeks ago??!!, and how it wasn't supposed to be as hot as it is here!!!! I had met him twice before, but I didn't even introduce myself. We southerners can have long conversations without introductions and it is just fine!!
So, now we are home. And I just KNOW that you all were just hanging on every word that I just wrote. Well, I write as I talk, so if you know me, then you shouldn't be surprised.
My mother in law is coming over to watch a movie any minute from now. David just handed me a bunch of tv guides to throw away, but I have kept about four out. But, Christopher, I DID throw away about five, so you should be proud of me!!!
Well, she's here, the doorbell just rang.
We will talk later!

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Okey, dokey, what a day, what a day. First off, it was raining when we left for Jackson this morning, which was nice because it kept the temperature below 100 degrees today, but it did cause us to have to use umbrellas and dodge puddles and stuff. David wasn't feeling too nifty because he had to drink those barium shakes. I didn't feel too nifty because I felt like I had a little hammer going in my chest. I was very nervous. The scan went well, and yes, I had left my umbrella in the waiting room, but someone turned it in. That's why I just figure, what the hell, I will dry, because I WILL leave my umbrella somewhere!! But I actually think I got home with it. I'm glad, because it has cats on it! And you know I love the cats.
ANYWAY, since David hadn't eaten, we went to Applebee's and got lunch, then headed on over to Target and PetSmart, which was pretty nice because there were so few people, and even fewer children at both places. Then we went to a coffee shop and I am sorry, my nerves just got the better of me and I kept tearing up and all. David fell asleep in the chair!
By now, it is time for the doctor appointment. And I did NOT go back there, and the nurse was so puzzled to see David by himself, but he explained everything to her and she came out to check on me. They are very nice there. What a job to have, huh? So, then 45 of the longest minutes of my life went by and there I was, sitting in a corner, trying not to be noticed and of course, everyone was looking at me shaking and having a meltdown. Bless you, Erica, for talking about Roxie Hazel - it did help. Then here comes the nurse to get me and David and Dr. Graham are in his office, looking at a computer, looking at the CT scans. I looked at them and they explained the results. WHICH WERE - Mild progression in the lungs, but stable in the liver. Not what we wanted, but dang, I'll take it!! But Dr. G showing us the scans made us both feel a lot better. The chemo is not really working, and it has messed up D's hands and feet horrendously, so he is off of that. But he will continue to take Avastin, not really a chemo drug, more of a biological agent, basically it might as well be chemo, but with less side effects. He has been on Avastin for over a year, but it has been in addition to other stuff. So, he will get a double amount every two weeks, and they will monitor the side effects that may occur. BUT, and this is a big one, the nodules in the lungs, while there were more, also had a new element to them. The larger ones had a dark spot in the centers of them. The doctor said that this is cavitation, and he feels that the NODULES ARE DYING FROM THE INSIDE OUT!!!!!!!! When we heard that, we looked at each other and breathed a sigh of relief!! WE ARE GOING TO BEAT THIS THING!! It is just taking longer than we anticipated!!! Dr. G was so nice, and knows that we are going to do everything that we can to get David well. He also commented on my weight loss, which was nice and as always, gave me a big hug when we were leaving. I know he gets compensated well, but he is really a very nice man with a very hard job. And his nurse, Betty, who probably is late fifties, just bought a motorcycle! Good people to know, good people to know.
So, a warm bath, a dose of Nyquil, and I hope to sleep the sleep of angels tonight!!!!!!
I want to thank everyone for their prayers and thoughts for today. And believe me, when we read our scriptures tonight, well, our determination has been fired up with this today, so we will read them with extra gusto!!!
If anything else happened in the world today, I don't really know about it. But I do know that it is Cheryl's 52nd birthday, and her daughter Healy's 30th birthday today. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Y'ALL!!!! Many more, many more......
So, that's it for now! And thank God tomorrow is Friday!!!

Thursday morning

Okay, I reread my posts - I was just "chicken" on one, then yesterday I proceeded to being "chicken sh*t", but today I am a "chicken nugget". I am pretty calm (NOW), am am just chillin' like the nuggets do in their little boxes. I really could use some honey mustard sauce, though, you know, hitting the sauce?!! Bad joke, but hey, it is really early!! It is cloudy right now, so I doubt it will get to 101 degrees as it did yesterday. I hope it doesn't rain while we are at the hospital because we usually have to park miles away. David has had to drink that barium shake last night and this morning, so that is gross, but he is just so very confident. He has been carrying around the baby kitten and talking baby talk to her. Personally, I wish we could just take her with us because she would get our minds off of everything!! One look from her and we just melt.
Dogs just barked. They know I am up so I guess I need to go "release the hounds"!
Wish us luck!!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Wednesday night

So, hello everyone! Today I got the news that I do NOT have any heart blockage, so I will just be "throwing pvc's" left and right with abandon, apparently. But that is a relief, needless to say. Tomorrow is the big day, though, and I am trying to stay calm about it. David is very confident that it will be good news, and the oncology nurse that we have been working with for almost two years feels that it should be good, also. But even knowing that, I have decided to stay in the waiting room for his doctor visit tomorrow. Call me a chicken sh*t, I just cannot go into the room. That doesn't mean that I don't feel that we will get good news, it just means that I am afraid that I will just pass out and my heart will jump out of my mouth if I have to sit in there and wait for Dr. Graham to come in!! One time they took MY blood pressure and it was sky high, so we both think it is best that I not go back there. So, we'll post the results soon.
It was hot today, but it is lightning now, so I am going to sign off and walk Goober. Think good thoughts and send extra prayers in the next few hours, okay?

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Fun day at River Region

So, bright and early Monday morning, after a morning of no food or coffee, and after a weekend of not feeling well due to crud in my chest, I headed out to River Region for a nuclear stress test!! How fun was that!! I got an IV, then they sent me out to the waiting room to wait until my insides started to glow, I guess, then I got to go lay on a table with my arms above my head so they could take pictures of my heart. Again, fun stuff. Then, back to the waiting room, where some woman was talking about pot roast! A few minutes later, I go back in and they hook me up again to an IV and started putting a bunch of electrodes all over my chest and then on to the treadmill I went. My blood pressure was very good when we started out, then they injected something for some reason, then sped up the treadmill, I walked, then they did it again, and I could see my bp was going up, but not too much, then the technician, who I am pretty sure never went through a tact seminar (although she was nice) goes, WOW!! YOU SURE ARE THROWING PVC'S! CAN YOU FEEL IT? Now, my first thought was "poly vinyl chloride, pipes?" and I asked her what she meant. Then the doctor, who I hadn't seen yet, comes running in and asked if I was having chest pain or tightness, and I was like, yes, tightness, thanks! The woman then asked what was the reason I was there, and I said fast heartbeat and she said oh. Rocket scientist, I'm pretty sure. I do count that as my exercise for yesterday, though. But then that was through and they gave me peanut butter, crackers, and a cup of coffee!! YAY! After a few minutes, they call me back for more of the arms over my head pictures. We do that, I get up, and then WAIT!! YOU TALKED!! We have to do it again. Mybad. I just needed to talk and the tech talked back. So, it was his fault!
I didn't move a muscle this time, even though my head and nose were itching and my arm just just getting all stoved up in that awkward position. And everything was perfect and I could leave and go get lunch. Which I did. The afternoon felt the effects of the stuff in my system. YUCK, but I do feel a little better today. So, since nobody immediately admitted me to the hospital for "throwing pvc's", I trust I will get the results on August 17 when I go back to the cardiologist. So, one trauma down this week, one more to go! Since I am having this irregular heart beat junk, David and I have decided that when we go to his oncologist on Thursday afternoon, I will stay in the waiting room. I just honestly don't think I can sit in there and wait for the doctor to come in. Call me chicken, but I just can't do it.
I talked to the new Mrs. Gerdes at length yesterday. They had a wonderful honeymoon, and speaking of chickens, apparently have started a new collection of wooden ones!! I myself have quite a few chickens around the house. Wooden ones, that is. Although, I would so love a live chicken, but with the cats, particularly Smokey, the chicken wouldn't last too long. That Smokey just leaps in the air to catch birds, he would so love to chase a chicken on the ground!
School started today. I didn't hear the buses, though. We have new people moving in right behind us in the remodeled house, and I think there are kids there, so since the bus routes are always screwed up on the first day, I expect to see them here tomorrow. Unreal that it is August 8 and school is in session!
Well, that is all for now. I need to venture out in the cool weather to walk Goober. And I am joking. It is not cool outside. Some joke, eh?

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sunday morning

Good morning all. It is almost noon and other than taking care of animals and drinking two cups of coffee, I haven't done much of anything so far today. It is a beautiful day - a storm blew through last night which just knocked down burned up leaves and cleared the air, so the day has a "fallish" feeling to it. And the school buses will be running Tuesday, so that will add to the illusion! The first football game will be August 25, so I will have to sit out on the deck and listen to the band, the crowd, and the announcer. That will be nice and relaxing, seriously.
Tomorrow I have that stress test. I have this pain in my chest, though, from this congestion and I hope that it doesn't interfere with the test. I mean, I don't want to go in there and get an IV and then it doesn't work! I am not looking forward to it, of course, but I am really more apprehensive about David's test and results on Thursday. He is the picture of health, feels great, worked 9 hours yesterday out of town, why should I be worried? I had a long talk with the man upstairs and I feel confident that it will be a good scan. And I talked to God, too! I'm sorry, I couldn't resist.
The newlyweds should be winging their way back to Chicago today. I hope that they are relaxed and refreshed and ready to start their 50 plus years of marriage. I remember getting back from our honeymoon. We had to go to the store and buy kitchen stuff. As I mentioned in an earlier post, you couldn't register for mundane things like spatulas, pots and pans, and the like, and I just couldn't do too much with ice tongs and crystal and silver salad bowls!! Erica's kitchen, as well as Christopher's kitchen, are both so much better than mine, bigger, more counter space, and their ovens work!!! But that is another topic at a future date.
As many of you know, I have a lot of cats. So, now there is this absolutely gorgeous gunmetal gray tomcat that is hanging around here all of the time now. I saw him right after Katrina last year and he was tame so I thought he was an evacuee's cat that was here temporarily. Well, if he is from the coast, he moved into the neighborhood. And the one female that I haven't caught yet and gotten fixed (pluck some more twenties off of that money tree!!) must be singing her siren song, because he is back and just hanging around. I went out there this morning and he came running up to me, meowed, and rubbed against my legs!! Smokey Joe was very jealous and growling and I had to keep him away from the gray one because I don't want cat fight injuries, but y'all, this gray one is so sweet! I cuddled with him and he just purred and purred. I don't know what to do. I cannot call animal control because they will put him to sleep, and it is obvious he belongs to someone. I know getting the female fixed will end the problem, so I will have to do that soon. But hey, we have to get our own health problems taken care of first! What to do, what to do.....
That's all for now. I am going to go get David out of bed. He got in at midnight last night so he is very very tired. But he does have to get up today!!
I will discuss the stress test tomorrow. It will be somuchfunIjustknow.

Friday, August 04, 2006


Here it is, 12:33 a.m. I was very tired, but just couldn't go to sleep, so I got up, like all of the authorities on sleep are now saying. Hopefully, I will be in bed soon.
But until then, here I am!! We went to Natchez today. We didn't get away until noon so I was starving and already ready to come home. I ate a HUGE meal, and then when David got through working and we trudged to the car, he was like "so, what do you want to do in Natchez today?" and I hated to tell him that I just wanted to come home!! We had passed a sign for a frog farm on the way down there and on the way back he suggested we stop in, but not being a real big fan of frogs, I asked him if we could do it some other time. It worked out for the best, though, because he had some parts waiting here so he went on to the casino and put them in. We'll just have to make a special trip to the frog farm soon. I cannot wait.
I am a tad under the weather. I have been extremely healthy lately in regard to colds and the like. So, for the last few months, I have periodically gotten a pain in my chest that feels like congestion, but after a couple of days, it is gone. Well, I sound like Lauren Bacall now. I took all the vitamin and supplemental stuff tonight, but with the heat and the fatigue, I am afraid that it will not go away very quickly. It is very annoying. I kind of sound like a frog. I guess I would have felt right at home at the frog farm!!!

Earlier in the week I mentioned that my next wedding week topic would be Friends. Not the television show (but wasn't it good?), but real, live friends of ours. Erica and Fuzzy have an incredible amount of friends who truly love them. They loved them enough to come stand in hundred degree heat to see them get married, they helped get stuff done before and after the wedding. Rebecca Rine-Stone did a beautiful job with the flowers, Sara Maguire did a wonderful ceremony, the photographer was very good and took tons of pictures, Erica Livingston and Sara Champagne came in from New York and were incredible wedding pirates, Rebecca Hanson was there to help in whatever way she could, Mel and Leslie were great in getting things done and making sure it got done smoothly, and the list could go on and on. Fuzzy's friend Shaun helped out tremendously, as well as others that I don't know about. Adam and Sara May from NC came and ended up helping lug stuff downstairs and into their rental car and then back to E and F's apartment. Alex Farlow and his lovely lady, Alyssa, also came from New York to share in the joy. Alex is also an old friend from from WC days that has kept in touch and become a closer friend than before. Just an amazing network of friends!! They say having a great network of friends can help you live longer. Well, Erica and Fuzzy will get to be very very old!!!!!
And David and I have great friends, too. Jean Brudevold and her sister Susan Willingham came for the wedding. They found me sitting in front of the floor fan after the wedding. Jean and I have been friends for many years and it is always good to have her around. And she really likes James Michener!! And my friends Carolyn and Curtis Buford, and their daughter, Melissa Dixon (one of Erica's oldest friends) flew in on Friday. This September marks the 40th anniversary of the day Carolyn and I met. It really means a lot to me that she came to the wedding, even though I know she was very hot and tired and retreated to an air conditioned cafe after the wedding ceremony!! I really can't say that I blame her!!
And Erica and Fuzzy got so many wonderful gifts!! Lordy, when we got married, we got more Corning Ware than we could ever use, and FIVE crystal and silver salad bowls, of which I took back four. About six years ago gave the other one away. Never ever used it! Nowadays you can register for anything, not just china, crystal, and silverware, which is all you could register for in 1975!!!! That makes it much more practical to give a gift that you know will be used. I mean, I got a cast iron ice tong as a gift! We had no clue why. I mean, we did have ice trays by then and didn't have to go to an ice house to pick up a block of ice!!! I have never figured that out. But be assured that I thanked the giver profusely for that cast iron ice tong. I guess "tongs" is more correct. Maybe it was regifted! Whatever, I got rid of the ice tongs pretty early on in our marriage!!
Anyway, thanks to everyone for being there for Erica and Fuzzy, Christopher and Katie, and David and I. We do truly appreciate it!
Well, I am getting tired now and the little handicapable kitten has pooped on the floor, so I think I will call it a night. It's a night.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Tears of Joy All Around!!

What an Entrance!!

Doctor report

Okay, the cardiologist wants me to have a nuclear stress test on Monday. I have had two of those before, not pleasant but I will survive. He didn't seem too upset looking at my EKG, but my blood pressure was higher than ever, but I told him that I was still very tired from our trip and I was nervous about coming to see him today. He told me to take my Xanax!!! I probably won't take it that much, maybe next week when we see DAVID'S doctor, maybe a couple of Xanax!!!! Anyway, that's that. He seems to think that it is a weakness in the heart muscle and prescribed the beta blocker that I was already taking. I mean, I can't quit smoking because I never have, I am exercising everyday, I have lost weight, I do eat better than before, so, there isn't a whole lot more that I can do than what I have been doing!!! So, that is all of that. I intend to keep on trying to improve. That has to help!
My mother in law does NOT have pneumonia, but she has congestion that she got medicine for. So, that is good.
It is so hot here right now. The heat index is at 106 right now. We brought Linda's exercise bike here and put it on the deck and I rode it for about five minutes. That is something that I will have to do in small increments to build my stamina. I wanted to bring it in, but to be honest, there just isn't that much room!! So, it will be nice outside. I want David to ride it too, but mosquitoes might be a problem for him. He is going on and on right now about he got eaten up sitting out there a few minutes ago.
Daniel's coffee shop - y'all, it is just so great to have a hang out!!!!! Instead of teens, we're all "of a certain age" and it is just so much fun! I had a great fruit smoothie today and Daniel was talking about in about six weeks he will start making some food items. He was talking about making some jambalaya and gumbo, and soups and stuff. Doesn't that sound heavenly??? I mean it, y'all come on down! We may not have room for the exercise bike, but we do have room for guests!!!!!!
Okay, my topic on "friends" will be later on, possibly even Saturday. I am riding to Natchez with David tomorrow, so that should be fun. A nice stroll down the streets of Natchez in 100 degree heat. Ahhhh.......

Thursday, August 3

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LINDA!!!! One year closer to your own personal AARP membership!!!!!
We had some excitement last night. We were watching some stuff that we had TiVoed and took a little break to get food and all and the phone rings. It is about 9:15. I answered and it was my mother in law, begging us to come to her house because she was very sick and couldn't breathe. Now, I cannot see at night, so David was going to have to be the driver, so I ran outside and got the dogs in, threw Goober to David to walk her in the backyard, threw on some clothes in case we had to go to the emergency room, and got to Norma's house about 9:40. I did tell her that she really needs to move into our neighborhood, just for things like this! Anyway, she had fever close to 102 degrees. We got her calmed down, gave her some medicine and she got in the bed and we left. Today she is going to the doctor. I know where she got this - we were around so many people this weekend, plus the unbearable heat, and her immune system just couldn't take it! I hope that my mother doesn't get sick. And I myself, have some aching glands in my neck and a little tickle in my throat, but I am going to double up on some of my supplements and hopefully, that will be the end of it. My immune system is great, seriously, as is David's, so we should be okay.
I got an email from Mrs. Fuzzy Gerdes this morning. They are having a wonderful time and are moving to another spa place this evening. She sent me the link. I want to go there!!! It looks heavenly!!!! I am so glad that they are having a relaxing time.
Today is my doctor's appointment. They say that they are "triple booked" so I expect to still be waiting to see him this evening!!
Well, that is all for now. Since I have to mention weather, it is supposed to be 99 tomorrow. I am so tired of heat!!! And now we have "Chris", who I am not sure is a hurricane yet, heading toward the east coast. I am sure hoping that will be it for hurricanes this season, but I think that is just wishful thinking. It would be nice for our friends from the coast to come and stay for a few days, but they just got their house fixed from Katrina, so I don't want them to come here because they have to evacuate again!
I have another Chicago entry that I will post later on today. The next will be about friends, Erica's and ours. I know you will be sitting at the edge of your seat waiting for it!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I was right!

This is a quick little post. David and I went to Cracker Barrel before we went to the grocery store this evening. We walked in, and what do I see? A lit Christmas tree!! Yep, it is August 2 and there is a lit Christmas tree, next to the Halloween decorations! Mark my words, Santa WILL be at the mall by Labor Day!!!!!!

Next Chicago topic

Good morning! It is almost nine, the dogs and cats haven't been let out yet, Goober hasn't been walked yet, it is getting hotter by the minute, but here I am, writing the next installment of the week in Chicago. I have had my coffee so I am raring to go. David had to leave at 5:30 this morning to go to Golden Moon in Choctaw, MS, so he usually releases the hounds, but they can just wait for a while today!
A little off topic - I have the appointment with the cardiologist tomorrow. I feel like cancelling it but David won't let me. I have been taking half of the beta blocker and it is apparently working, so unless I am about to keel over from blockage, I am going to hold off on more tests until after next week's CT scan on David. I can only deal with so much. Ironically, while we were in Chicago, I only had the heart pounding/fluttering when I was tired and hungry (which was kind of a lot!). But as soon as I would sit down or eat, I felt absolutely fine. We get back here, and it just goes to town. I do think it is stress related. I mean, really, y'all should see the clothes I need to wash. When I go let out the animals, I will get the first load in. Maybe that will let me feel calmer, knowing that I have started getting stuff done. But I have had two complete battery of tests on my heart before and both times everything was all right. I have never smoked, I exercise, and while I gained quite a bit of weight in the first year and a half of our cancer journey, I have lost quite a bit of it, am eating better (Jordan almonds notwithstanding) so I feel that everything will be okay. I can take half a beta blocker everyday, thank you very much!
OKAY, enough about that. I want to talk today about my wonderful son Christopher and his absolutely beautiful wife, Katie.
Christopher was due into Chicago on Wednesday about 12:30 p.m. His plane was grounded due to a malfunction (thank GOD it was found on the ground!), so he didn't get into Midway until about 8:30 that evening. Erica, Fuzzy, and I went to pick him up and he was so cute coming through that door. He is such a fine young man, I am so proud of him! Anyway, we head back to the apartment and he stays with E and F. She was quite fragile, being so sick and with the wedding only a few days away. So, the next day we were back over there and I told her a sweet story that I had read about how a woman married her husband after only knowing him for two weeks and how everyone had predicted it wouldn't last and she said they were right, it didn't. It only lasted 60 years, 10 months, and a few days. Well, instead of her going, aww, that's sweet, she started crying, so what did Christopher say? "Okay, from now on, we only tell fart jokes!" which made me just laugh out loud!! He was her grounding. Oh, hold on. Led Zeppelin is coming on the radio, must turn it up.....they are really good!! ANYWAY, he helped them out with stuff at the apartment and was very needed and appreciated. And since he and Erica had not seen each other since Christmas, they had time to just be together, which was very good and calming for her. They have always been very very close, something that makes us very happy.
Then Friday morning, C and I are standing outside our hotel waiting for Katie and we see this beautiful girl a couple of blocks away, heading in our direction. It was Katie, looking absolutely radiant!!! She just absolutely had a glow about her, maybe it was sweat, but it just looked great on her, whatever it was!! She has her new job and it was obvious that she was very happy. I honestly don't remember much of Friday afternoon, only that David and I took cabs downtown and back to buy ballet slipper bedroom shoes and a slip, but C and K were helping E and F get set up for the rehearsal and supper. They spent Friday night with us, and then the next morning E and C and I went to a breakfast and then to the beauty shop. Katie and David had transported the mothers to the beauty shop, and then C and K went on to the loft. I mean, Katie doesn't need a beauty shop for her beautiful hair!!!
During the wedding, I was just trying to stay cool, but when C and K would come blowing through, I could tell that they were working their butts off getting stuff together. Then it was time to get all gussied up for the actual ceremony. Here comes Christopher, looking dapper in his suit and then Katie walks in LOOKING LIKE A MILLION BUCKS in a beautiful dress that she just picked up at Goodwill!!!!! OMIGOD!! I just don't remember being able to look that good so effortlessly. I mean, this generation of young women can just throw on something, and they look great! The baby boomers still had to wear hose (which, by the way, I see no reason EVER to wear hose again), slips, a girdle, for God's sake, and for me at least, by the time I left my house, I looked like a don't in Glamour magazine!! All of these young women looked fabulous!! And Katie with her gorgeous hair (I hope their children get her hair. Our side of the family does not have good hair!), well, she was just beautiful.
After the ceremony, they again worked their butts off, getting stuff put out and then rounded up and carried to waiting cars to get the food/gifts/flowers back to E and F's apartment. And they had some very good friends there with them that night. But that is the next topic, so I will go into that more later.
Anyway, they had a flight out Sunday afternoon, so I didn't really get to spend a lot of time with them, but that is not what this week was about. I have yet to see all of the Africa pictures or hear stories, but we will get to do that later on. They gave us some very nice gifts from Africa, which is exciting, and brought Erica and Fuzzy a beautiful framed print from Africa, which, got to ride in the cockpit of the plane to Chicago!
So, now I have a wonderful son in law, in addition to my wonderful daughter in law. And as David and I have said many many times, it makes us extremely happy that our children have found such wonderful mates. I am looking forward to many years with all of them, some grandchildren maybe? They will all make wonderful parents, that's for sure. Odds are some of my grandchildren will be living in Africa!!! But that is what planes are for. I do wish I had remembered that before I booked those tickets on the train, but that is yesterday's topic!!!!
Well, the dogs and cats are probably doing the peepee dance so I better go let them out and walk Goober before it gets too hot.
Talk later!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


August 1. It is hard to believe that July is over, especially since we have been aiming at it for so long! I am still tired, but we ventured out today to get food, vitamins, and pet stuff. AND, I bought some Christmas presents today! They have all of this stuff marked down at Walmart to get ready for the Christmas season. I wouldn't be surprised if Santa comes to the mall on Labor Day! Anyway, they had little kid stuff so I got Kyle's kids some stuff. Cute stuff, too, so that is one I can check off of my list. I do love a good bargain!! It was very hot today, but unbelievably, not as hot as it apparently is in Chicago! But it is very hot, too hot to do much of anything, so we went to Daniel's coffee shop where I got a perfectly wonderful fruit smoothie and David got an iced coffee. Daniel is so excited about everything in his shop, which makes it a lot of fun to go there. They are having a reading, a book signing, and live music Friday night. We might just have to mosey on down there.
I heard a train whistle this morning. I used to hear it and think, ah, that is so lovely. This morning, it is the sound of my nightmares!!! Seriously, the train ride was hell. And Christopher tried to warn me, but I just thought, no, it will be just fine. A good time will be had by all. No. Good. Time. Whatsoever.
A quick overview of our experience: I didn't know trains had two levels. And the restrooms are on the bottom level. An almost 80 year old and an almost incapacitated 78 year old on an upper level of a train will have to go to the bathroom within 15 hours. And with the jerking and jostling that the train does, well, you can imagine me trying to hold onto them and get them into a stall. My back was hurting so bad from pushing and pulling them, then getting them back into their seats. And I noticed that there was a lower level for disabled people. I tried to call the number on the ticket all week to get our tickets changed to that, at least for the mothers, and never could get through. So, when we got to Union Station on Sunday, we didn't have a clue where to go, so I left David with the mothers and the massive pile of luggage and went to the ticket counter. Well, I got in line for the ticket counter. I get to the counter, a very rude woman was working there, and when I explained my dilemma, she said she would switch us IF there were free seats, and then almost immediately she said, sorry, the train is full. NEXT ! I just looked at her because I do not believe that she even looked. So, I go back and am just very upset, very tired, very hot, and if I were a rich woman, I would have eaten those train tickets and bought four tickets on Southwest. An hour and a half and we are back in Jackson. But, couldn't do that, so have to deal, I kept telling myself. So, we need a redcap. There is not one anywhere. David goes to find one, my mother in law is mad at me (just about everything is pretty much my fault that evening, apparently) so she goes and stands several feet away, while I am sitting with my head in my hands while my mother is just sitting there, quietly, thank goodness. So, finally, here comes this guy with his cart and he, David, and I load everything in the cart and he drives us to the baggage check. We missed it by two minutes. He saw my face and said, don't worry, I will drive you to the train, since you have the senior citizens with you and I will put your luggage on there. We were very grateful, because it is a long damn way to the train! So, we get there, get off the cart and start loading luggage and mothers on the train. My mother falls while going up the steps into the train. So, I'm yelling for someone to help us and the redcap and another man comes over to help, as does David when he realizes what has happened. I told the redcap that I had tried to get on the bottom level and he put my mother in the first seat and said that my mother in law could go sit there, too. Well, my mother in law bursts into tears and said she couldn't sit anywhere without David. Fine. I'LL sit with my mother and she and David can sit upstairs. Now, on this fifteen hour train ride, NOBODY needed our seats, so that just confirmed that the woman at Union Station did NOT look to help me change our seats. What a bitch. Anyway, I looked at the redcap and told him that while I loved my husband, I loved him too! He laughed and said that wanted to help us because he had just lost his mother and wanted to make it easier on us. I hugged him and will always be very grateful to him for his help. We tipped him big time.
In a way, it was good that my mother and I had all this time to talk. It was dark, we were comfortable, and we got a chance to discuss the week and I got a chance to reassure her that I wasn't mad at her, I had just been pushed and pulled in so many directions that it just seemed that I was.
More stuff happened later on, though, that ticked me off, but I won't go into it here. Some comments were made to me that were not appreciated, but I am just going to shrug it off (eventually !) to the fact that everyone was tired and ready to get home. And boy, was I tired and ready to get home!!!!
So, now I have a pile of laundry to do but to be honest, I am tempted to take them to a laundromat to be washed, dried, fluffed and folded!! It would so be worth it!!!
And here it is, almost 10:30 at night. I need to go to bed.
I trust that the honeymooners are having a relaxing honeymoon. And I do hope that Chicago cools off soon. Even though I know we won't cool down for a couple of months, there were dry brown leaves on the deck, the sun is at a slightly different angle, and football practice is going on at the high school. And since it is now August, we can say that fall officially starts next month!!!! I don't want to wish time away, but autumn is my favorite time of year. Maybe it is because I grew up on Autumn Drive!!!!!!!
Have a great day tomorrow, or today if you are reading this on Wednesday!!
Talk later!