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Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Good morning. It is Wednesday morning, about 9:15, the dogs and cats have not been let out yet. I just am moving slow today. And I really don't want to have to be in the heat. Already the heat index is close to 95. There is like a tiny chance of a scattered thunderstorm today. I hope it scatters over our house! Although I left the hose running last night so the dogs were splashing in the water by the time I realized it and brought them in!! So, they will probably have some cool dirt to dig in by the time I get them out.
We went to hell, oh, I'm sorry, I mean Walmart last night. As we were leaving, my sister was walking in so we talked to her for a few minutes. We got home and I started getting the cats in and all and the Schwan man drove up, I had to come in, then Dessie, my new neighbor came in to get something, then she had two power trucks working on the line in front of her house because her wiring shorted out and killed her power, and by the time everything got done, it was after nine! So, I was looking for my new magazine and David informs me that he left everything in the car! SO, I get to unload the car of many many bags of cat food, dog food, litter, fun stuff. Then today I take my mother's and my head to get our hair cut. That will be fun. No really, it will be okay. That will be one more thing out of the way before Chicago.
Oh, and Dessie, when she found out we were leaving, was like, y'all are leaving AGAIN? I explained that why we went in May was for Christopher's graduation and that this was for Erica's wedding. She then told us that her son saw some boys shooting bb guns at my dogs while we were gone!!!! That is not good. She likes my dogs barking - she said she feels safer! I really wish more of our neighbors were like her! I offered for her to spend the night here if her power didn't get back on but they got it on about 10. And I know that she wanted to sleep in her own house.
David is heading to Silverstar today. He said I could go with him and he would drop me off at Northpark, but I have too much to do, plus I don't want to possibly be stranded for hours over there. I certainly don't have "hours" of money to spend, so that might be kind of dangerous!! I want to get another pair of pants for Chicago. And that just won't take several hours in Mississippi's biggest mall!!
Well, that is it for now. I hope everyone has, or has had, a nice day!
Take care!!!!!
P.S. - the YPs are still not home yet! It is so nice!!


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