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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sunday morning

Here it is, Sunday morning. Already 90 degrees, with the heat index of 99. The high today is supposed to be 97. I cannot wait. But Sunday brunch is on Z106 and as usual, Mike Bridges is playing some excellent music. Kudos to the late Dave Adcock for starting the "Tunes 'til Two" concept many many years ago.
We didn't go to the movie yesterday. We stayed around and watched FOUR shows that we had TiVoed!!! Kind of laying low on a hot Saturday afternoon! We did venture out last night to Vitamin World to get David some more of his supplements and then went to Cracker Barrel to get a salad. The place was packed!!! And I know I have mentioned the fact that they already had pumpkins and scarecrows up. Well, they actually had HALLOWEEN decorations for sale now!! ALL of the summer stuff is at least 40% off! Now is the time to nab Christmas presents while they are on sale. When they have the clothes marked down, and they are now, well, we have more warm days than cold, so tee shirts and all can be worn all year round. Some days, yes, you would need a sleeve, but here in the deep south, tee shirts are standard attire. And I always wonder why I try to look nice when we go to Cracker Barrel, when we see everyone else wearing things that I would only wear to walk the dog or clean up the dog yard!!! But I still feel the need to wear clean clothes when I go out in public!! And to make sure that they cover my body!!! But that's just me!!!
Enough about that. I wrote a letter to the editor of our newspaper. AND IT GOT A HEADLINE!!! I won't go into it here. Just suffice it to say that it dealt with the ineptitude of some of our city employees. And if they write a rebuttal, well, nothing they could say can defend what happened. I'm pretty sure that people will agree with me. I just had to get it off of my chest!!!
Sometimes, I would just love to move somewhere else. Maybe to someplace cooler?? Yep, that would work. And where we have better city employees!!!!!!!!!
We leave for Chicago a week from tomorrow. We have driven into Chicago many times, flown in a couple of times, but this is the first time we will take the train. We will have the grandmothers with us, so hopefully, they will be comfortable and get some sleep. David and I also hope to sleep. I do have sleeping pills and I am not afraid to use them!!! If we have to take naps when we get to our rooms, then so be it. I think everyone will understand. And as long as I can plop my mother in front of the television for her "stories", then things should go pretty smoothly. And I hate to keep harping on the heat, but I do hope that it will be cool while we are there. A few years ago, we took Norma, David's mom, with us to Chicago at the end of July and it was 97 degrees, NINE people died from heat related illnesses while we were there, and we were basically miserable!! Of course, the day after we got home, Erica called and said that the high was 75!! So, hopefully, we will skip the 97, and head straight into the 75!!!! I mean, I have a pretty outfit to wear. I don't want it clinging to my body!!!!! That would not be a pretty sight!!!
For those of you who watch television, I highly recommend the new USA show, Psych. It is so funny and the two leads are just precious. And I also highly recommend the AMC/BBC show Hustle, which just started its third season. VERY well written, very funny, very well acted. The only problem is that we cannot understand the English accents sometimes. The first season will be out on DVD in September, hopefully with subtitles! But, if you want a different kind of show that is very entertaining, watch it! It is on at 9 central time, on Wednesday nights. And for those of you who are old enough to remember watching The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Robert Vaughn is one of the stars. He is really aging very well! Tune in and prepare to laugh.
That is it for today. I may post tonight after we see the Pirates movie, to give my opinion and critique. But I feel that a good time will be had while watching it this afternoon!!


  • At Sunday, July 16, 2006, Anonymous erica said…

    It is going to be 97 degrees today in Chicago.


  • At Sunday, July 16, 2006, Blogger wagsandpurrs said…

    Well, maybe we can get all that out of the way by the day of the wedding. Work on that, will ya?
    Norma found the record. It is a 45 - do you have a turntable to play it on?


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