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Friday, July 14, 2006

Sci Fi Friday

Well, here it is, almost eleven p.m. Friday night, the night that saw the season premieres of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. Very good episodes. We so do loves the sci fi!!!
Today has been overwhelmingly hot, with the heat index being 103. And it is supposed to be hotter tomorrow! Gee, I just love summer. NOT!!!! Give me a good cool breeze, dried leaves falling on the ground, the bright blue October sky (haven't seen that movie), and the sun setting earlier, THAT is what I love! Unbelievably, though, I have already gotten two Christmas catalogs (sneak previews, they say) and in Cracker Barrel, on July 6, they already had pumpkins, scarecrows, and autumn displays up! I do know that the Christmas tree will probably be up by Labor Day. But then, I have not taken my tree down in two years, so what can I say???
I got the great news that on August 3, I have to see a cardiologist. Now this really pisses me off. I mean, don't we have enough health issues in this house??? I had a very bad, for lack of a better word, "attack" of tachycardia a few weeks ago. My pulse was 130 and I felt like I was running a race. I was exhausted, couldn't catch my breath, had to lay down every afternoon. The doctor ran some blood tests, which came back okay, so then he ordered an echocardiogram. I thought sure it was just a fluke, since I was so much better by then. Well, they called yesterday and said that there was a "suggestion of blockage" that had to be checked out. Now, to be perfectly honest with you, I really wasn't that surprised, because I have had some weird symptoms, but it is just the timing, you know? They can't see me next week, the doctor is triple booked (I can't wait to sit in that waiting room for hours!). And then of course we will be in Chicago the next week for some reason or other. Oh yeah, Erica and Fuzzy are getting hitched!! Anyway, so August 3, my sister's 47th birthday, I get to go to the doctor. I am rather upset about it, because David's CT scan is a week later. I cannot be incapacitated because I have to keep him going. I have had a few tears, several prayers, and resignation that I have to deal with this, too, but we will be okay. I just have to believe that. Of course, since I got this news, I think about it, then I have a flutter or shortness of breath or something because it is on my mind. So, I think I need to see Pirates of the Caribbean this weekend to get my mind off of it. And then next week I have tons to do to get ready for the trip. I have to get bills paid, clothes washed and looked at, kittens and dogs looked after, and then I have to help the grandmothers with their preparations. I have to take my little handicapable kitten, Teddie, to stay with people she has never met, and she will be scared, but I cannot leave her here. She just scooted up under my legs as I typed that. I wish I could put a picture of her on this blog. Y'all would all just go "AWWWWWWWWW"!!
I guess it is time to go to bed. I am glad that tomorrow is Saturday. David has been working so hard and is so tired and his feet are still just throbbing. A movie will do him good, too!
And in two weeks, the WEDDING!!!!! I cannot believe it is so soon. Of course, right before Christopher and Katie's wedding, I looked at him and said, can you believe you are about to get married and here it is, over three years later!!!!!!!! Time does fly, whether you are having fun or not.
Take care and I'll be back soon with more exciting and scintillating prose from Vicksburg, Mississippi!!!


  • At Saturday, July 15, 2006, Anonymous erica said…

    I really can't believe the wedding is so soon either, but I am so excited! The whole thing has been a blur. And it is weird, I feel like I have been with Fuzzy forever, though it has been only a little over 2 years, but then I think--over 2 years! That is so long! It is funny. I am just blessed to have him--I now understand what love is all about--it is a whole different romatical love and it is amazing.

    I've been praying, too, and I know that everything with your heart will be ok. We just have to get this gunk cleaned up so we can have you for several more decades. We Reids are strong, and with our Faith and attitude and perserverance, we'll get through it. You and Dad are my heroes. Please let me know if I can do anything for you, ok?


    I love you!

  • At Sunday, July 16, 2006, Anonymous Diana said…

    What you and David need is a vacation at the beach! So why don't you come here after the wedding? You can stay till the leaves turn brown in Vicksburgh! Don't lose heart over you heart... aaggghh...sorry. It maybe could be fixed with a couple tiny pills. I've got tachycardia too, and an aneurysm on my heart, but I take beta-blockers and baby aspirin and hardly think about it anymore.


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