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Monday, July 17, 2006


Here I am again, almost nine p.m., David had to go to the casino because of a game that is down, and I was going to wash the dishes. So, here I am. And the dirty dishes are in the sink where I cannot see them. So, Tricia is no so much dishing tonight! Let 'em soak, I say!
The whole damn country is an oven today. Chicago has a heat advisory? COME ON NOW!!! We are going to be leaving a week from today (good God I have so much to do!AND I still have to wash those dishes!!!!), so this little high pressure or low pressure, WHATEVER is causing the temperature in Chicago to be as hot as here, has time to just get out of town, bring in some lovely cool breezes, just in time for us to get there for the wedding. It reached 100 today here. Heat index of 106. That's just wrong.
I really don't have a lot more to say, if what I have already written was really something to say! More just thoughts, a shout out to all who read this.
OH, the young professional neighbors have been gone now for over a week. I hope they are looking for jobs and some place to live elsewhere, and when they get home, they put a "for sale" sign out in their yard. I would so do the happy dance!! Keep your fingers crossed!!
Well, that is all for now. Everyone try to stay cool. I do feel like we are just living recipes: you know, bake 350 degrees. Cool.
Oh, my letter to the editor has gotten good response. I was expecting to hear from the water and gas ass today, but there is absolutely nothing they could say for an excuse. And on my next payment, you can be sure that I will write the check to the Water and Gas Ass - maybe they will notice!
Really, I am going this time. Night!


  • At Monday, July 17, 2006, Anonymous erica said…

    can you post your letter to the editor so we can read it? what is it about?

  • At Tuesday, July 18, 2006, Blogger wagsandpurrs said…

    I tried to find the letter online. The VP doesn't carry anything but the front page, apparently!! The letter was about how I put my check and bill in a drop box on the counter ("In a hurry? Drop payment here!") on July 3, the day it was due, and then got a disconnect notice on July 13 for nonpayment. When I called and asked and told them what I did, the woman went and checked the drop box and was like, oh, we're sorry, we have your check, blah, blah, blah. I was really really mad that our illustrious city employees can't even check a drop box daily that is on their counter. My letter was about that. I really truly sometimes hate living here!!!!!


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