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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Less than a week

Hard to believe, but it is now LESS THAN A WEEK UNTIL THE WEDDING!!! We leave day after tomorrow. In 10 minutes, I can say "we leave tomorrow", but have I done anything to get prepared? Why no, I haven't! I haven't even washed clothes yet. I figure I will do that tomorrow, as well as change a few litter boxes. Luckily, we don't leave until mid afternoon, so we do have the morning to pack. When we were leaving for Christopher and Katie's wedding three years ago, we were driving, taking the grandmothers, and we literally did not pack until we got up that morning, and we left around 7!!! I have to get the animals situated, get Teddie to who is keeping her, board Goober, make sure there is enough food and water for them to have for a week. My neighbor will be checking in with them, getting our mail and paper, so that will be good.
I am totally exhausted. We went to Daniel's new coffee shop today. It is so nice. I told him that I had known him a long time, through many different things, and that I have never seen him this happy. He said he was having a lot of fun and he was happy. There were quite a few customers in there and he gave me a sample of a very good blender drink that is apparently his biggest seller right now. When it finally gets cooler, he will make hot chocolate and stuff. It is going to be great!! We just really are going to enjoy that. Eventually he will have sandwiches and soups and stuff, but now he just has a few packaged pastries and such. So now we have a great new place to take people when they come to Vicksburg! So, everyone, come on down!!
Tommy Terry came over tonight and watched a movie with us. It was a good visit. He and David have had some adventures over the years, so we watched Fandango, a movie about misadventures on a road trip. Of course, I ended up all teary eyed at the end, as usual. I recommend it very highly.
I am so tired, so that is all for now.
Take care!


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