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Monday, July 31, 2006

I cannot believe it is July 31

Yep, I never thought we'd make it, but it is July 31, the Monday after THE WEDDING!! I do not have the capability to put pictures on this blog, but there is a very nice young man in South Carolina who will! He's really tired, too.
I am going to have several accounts of this past week. This one is basically, we're back, we're tired, I will never travel on Amtrak again, omigod it is hotter in Chicago than it is here in Mississippi, and last, but certainly not least, ERICA AND FUZZY GOT MARRIED!!!!!!!!!
I know I am extremely prejudiced, but Erica was more than beautiful on her wedding day. And, even though she was still sickly and it was about 110 degrees in the loft, her glow really was happiness, love, and excitement over becoming Fuzzy's wife. And the wedding was so fun - I loved the fact that the crowd (and boy was there a crowd!) cheered when Fuzzy and his folks walked in, and then when Erica, David and I walked in!! Sara did a beautiful ceremony, co-written by the bridal couple, and then they were pronounced husband and wife! More cheers!!!!
And then there were pictures. And the mother of the bride, who I personally thought looked nice in her periwinkle blue georgette asymmetrical tunic pantset (thanks Coldwater Creek for that description), found a floor fan and sat crosslegged on the floor, with her friends coming to find her and congratulate her and ask if she needed some ice water. Which she did. And that is just where I stayed for a good long while. Finally, I felt that I needed to get up and check on the mothers, who were pretty much melting down, and then I found another fan, where I stayed another long while. Poor Erica was so tired and hot and really wanted to go on to their hotel, but didn't get away as early as they had planned. Of course, there were more tears of happiness (dang it, here are some more now!!!!). And my wonderful son and his wife were just so helpful to everyone, especially with those mustaches and tatoos (es? Where is Dan Quayle when you need him? Trivia - he and I have the same birthday, just his is several years before mine. Another Trivia - Fuzzy's birthday is the day before mine. In case you ever need to know that.)
ANYWAY, I digress. People started leaving (melting?) and I ventured out on the dance floor for the LAST song that the band played!! I grabbed Sara Champagne and she and I danced to Jimi Hendrix Let Me Stand Next to your Fire, quite appropriate in that above mentioned pantset, which I am pretty sure wasn't flame retardant and was just THISCLOSE to causing me to spontaneous combust!!!
But then we left and didn't get food until about 10 that night. Tired, cranky, emotional, and in case I haven't mentioned it, HOT. And on top of that, we had the mothers to feed and water, too. If it had been just David and I, we'd have gone to eat with friends who were in town for the wedding. But we ended up getting a bunch of sandwiches at the White Hen and ate them. Yes, Rebecca Rine-Stone was right, all the great food in Chicago,and we get already made and packaged sandwiches from the White Hen. By that time, however, I would have eaten canned cat food on a cracker with a bottle of water!!
And all of the sweets!! I have been so good in the last few weeks not craving sweets. So, what am I doing as I write this? Scarfing down Jordan Almonds. I have had brownies, cookies, pastries, just bad bad stuff. Tomorrow I will be good again.
When we got on the hell train last night, I was still pretty emotional. I just started crying, not because I am sad, just because I was overwhelmed and tired. We had a snafu (and what those letters stand for REALLY describes the Union Station experience) one grandmother fell, the other cried, and when we finally got going, I kind of lost it for a couple of minutes. I went upstairs where David was (another blog topic, I promise) and he said he had been crying, too!!! God. What a couple of wusses. But we love our children more than life itself and are just very happy and proud that they each have someone who loves them ALMOST as much as we love them!!!!!!!!
So, we are home. We are tired. The litter boxes are dreadful. The bills are piled up. And we still have to go to the vet to get Goober. So, that is all for now. Just know that you will probably all be very sick of my blog entries about our week in Chicago!! TOUGH!!!!! No one is forcing you to read them!!!!
Talk later!!


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