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Monday, July 31, 2006

one more thing

Okay, how DO you spell "tatoos"? Is it "tattoos" or "tatooes" or "tatooes"? I just don't know. I would use spellcheck but, hey, I would have to find the correct button to push and I am just not up to it!
Also, I checked the accuweather forecast and in Santa Fe, where the honeymooners are, the temperature is in the seventies, and there is rain predicted for the whole week. Isn't that heavenly? I mean, why would they even need to go outside???
Oops, I just ate another Jordan Almond. Somebody come take them away from me!!
That's all I have to say about that.

I cannot believe it is July 31

Yep, I never thought we'd make it, but it is July 31, the Monday after THE WEDDING!! I do not have the capability to put pictures on this blog, but there is a very nice young man in South Carolina who will! He's really tired, too.
I am going to have several accounts of this past week. This one is basically, we're back, we're tired, I will never travel on Amtrak again, omigod it is hotter in Chicago than it is here in Mississippi, and last, but certainly not least, ERICA AND FUZZY GOT MARRIED!!!!!!!!!
I know I am extremely prejudiced, but Erica was more than beautiful on her wedding day. And, even though she was still sickly and it was about 110 degrees in the loft, her glow really was happiness, love, and excitement over becoming Fuzzy's wife. And the wedding was so fun - I loved the fact that the crowd (and boy was there a crowd!) cheered when Fuzzy and his folks walked in, and then when Erica, David and I walked in!! Sara did a beautiful ceremony, co-written by the bridal couple, and then they were pronounced husband and wife! More cheers!!!!
And then there were pictures. And the mother of the bride, who I personally thought looked nice in her periwinkle blue georgette asymmetrical tunic pantset (thanks Coldwater Creek for that description), found a floor fan and sat crosslegged on the floor, with her friends coming to find her and congratulate her and ask if she needed some ice water. Which she did. And that is just where I stayed for a good long while. Finally, I felt that I needed to get up and check on the mothers, who were pretty much melting down, and then I found another fan, where I stayed another long while. Poor Erica was so tired and hot and really wanted to go on to their hotel, but didn't get away as early as they had planned. Of course, there were more tears of happiness (dang it, here are some more now!!!!). And my wonderful son and his wife were just so helpful to everyone, especially with those mustaches and tatoos (es? Where is Dan Quayle when you need him? Trivia - he and I have the same birthday, just his is several years before mine. Another Trivia - Fuzzy's birthday is the day before mine. In case you ever need to know that.)
ANYWAY, I digress. People started leaving (melting?) and I ventured out on the dance floor for the LAST song that the band played!! I grabbed Sara Champagne and she and I danced to Jimi Hendrix Let Me Stand Next to your Fire, quite appropriate in that above mentioned pantset, which I am pretty sure wasn't flame retardant and was just THISCLOSE to causing me to spontaneous combust!!!
But then we left and didn't get food until about 10 that night. Tired, cranky, emotional, and in case I haven't mentioned it, HOT. And on top of that, we had the mothers to feed and water, too. If it had been just David and I, we'd have gone to eat with friends who were in town for the wedding. But we ended up getting a bunch of sandwiches at the White Hen and ate them. Yes, Rebecca Rine-Stone was right, all the great food in Chicago,and we get already made and packaged sandwiches from the White Hen. By that time, however, I would have eaten canned cat food on a cracker with a bottle of water!!
And all of the sweets!! I have been so good in the last few weeks not craving sweets. So, what am I doing as I write this? Scarfing down Jordan Almonds. I have had brownies, cookies, pastries, just bad bad stuff. Tomorrow I will be good again.
When we got on the hell train last night, I was still pretty emotional. I just started crying, not because I am sad, just because I was overwhelmed and tired. We had a snafu (and what those letters stand for REALLY describes the Union Station experience) one grandmother fell, the other cried, and when we finally got going, I kind of lost it for a couple of minutes. I went upstairs where David was (another blog topic, I promise) and he said he had been crying, too!!! God. What a couple of wusses. But we love our children more than life itself and are just very happy and proud that they each have someone who loves them ALMOST as much as we love them!!!!!!!!
So, we are home. We are tired. The litter boxes are dreadful. The bills are piled up. And we still have to go to the vet to get Goober. So, that is all for now. Just know that you will probably all be very sick of my blog entries about our week in Chicago!! TOUGH!!!!! No one is forcing you to read them!!!!
Talk later!!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Less than a week

Hard to believe, but it is now LESS THAN A WEEK UNTIL THE WEDDING!!! We leave day after tomorrow. In 10 minutes, I can say "we leave tomorrow", but have I done anything to get prepared? Why no, I haven't! I haven't even washed clothes yet. I figure I will do that tomorrow, as well as change a few litter boxes. Luckily, we don't leave until mid afternoon, so we do have the morning to pack. When we were leaving for Christopher and Katie's wedding three years ago, we were driving, taking the grandmothers, and we literally did not pack until we got up that morning, and we left around 7!!! I have to get the animals situated, get Teddie to who is keeping her, board Goober, make sure there is enough food and water for them to have for a week. My neighbor will be checking in with them, getting our mail and paper, so that will be good.
I am totally exhausted. We went to Daniel's new coffee shop today. It is so nice. I told him that I had known him a long time, through many different things, and that I have never seen him this happy. He said he was having a lot of fun and he was happy. There were quite a few customers in there and he gave me a sample of a very good blender drink that is apparently his biggest seller right now. When it finally gets cooler, he will make hot chocolate and stuff. It is going to be great!! We just really are going to enjoy that. Eventually he will have sandwiches and soups and stuff, but now he just has a few packaged pastries and such. So now we have a great new place to take people when they come to Vicksburg! So, everyone, come on down!!
Tommy Terry came over tonight and watched a movie with us. It was a good visit. He and David have had some adventures over the years, so we watched Fandango, a movie about misadventures on a road trip. Of course, I ended up all teary eyed at the end, as usual. I recommend it very highly.
I am so tired, so that is all for now.
Take care!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Good morning. It is Wednesday morning, about 9:15, the dogs and cats have not been let out yet. I just am moving slow today. And I really don't want to have to be in the heat. Already the heat index is close to 95. There is like a tiny chance of a scattered thunderstorm today. I hope it scatters over our house! Although I left the hose running last night so the dogs were splashing in the water by the time I realized it and brought them in!! So, they will probably have some cool dirt to dig in by the time I get them out.
We went to hell, oh, I'm sorry, I mean Walmart last night. As we were leaving, my sister was walking in so we talked to her for a few minutes. We got home and I started getting the cats in and all and the Schwan man drove up, I had to come in, then Dessie, my new neighbor came in to get something, then she had two power trucks working on the line in front of her house because her wiring shorted out and killed her power, and by the time everything got done, it was after nine! So, I was looking for my new magazine and David informs me that he left everything in the car! SO, I get to unload the car of many many bags of cat food, dog food, litter, fun stuff. Then today I take my mother's and my head to get our hair cut. That will be fun. No really, it will be okay. That will be one more thing out of the way before Chicago.
Oh, and Dessie, when she found out we were leaving, was like, y'all are leaving AGAIN? I explained that why we went in May was for Christopher's graduation and that this was for Erica's wedding. She then told us that her son saw some boys shooting bb guns at my dogs while we were gone!!!! That is not good. She likes my dogs barking - she said she feels safer! I really wish more of our neighbors were like her! I offered for her to spend the night here if her power didn't get back on but they got it on about 10. And I know that she wanted to sleep in her own house.
David is heading to Silverstar today. He said I could go with him and he would drop me off at Northpark, but I have too much to do, plus I don't want to possibly be stranded for hours over there. I certainly don't have "hours" of money to spend, so that might be kind of dangerous!! I want to get another pair of pants for Chicago. And that just won't take several hours in Mississippi's biggest mall!!
Well, that is it for now. I hope everyone has, or has had, a nice day!
Take care!!!!!
P.S. - the YPs are still not home yet! It is so nice!!

Monday, July 17, 2006


Here I am again, almost nine p.m., David had to go to the casino because of a game that is down, and I was going to wash the dishes. So, here I am. And the dirty dishes are in the sink where I cannot see them. So, Tricia is no so much dishing tonight! Let 'em soak, I say!
The whole damn country is an oven today. Chicago has a heat advisory? COME ON NOW!!! We are going to be leaving a week from today (good God I have so much to do!AND I still have to wash those dishes!!!!), so this little high pressure or low pressure, WHATEVER is causing the temperature in Chicago to be as hot as here, has time to just get out of town, bring in some lovely cool breezes, just in time for us to get there for the wedding. It reached 100 today here. Heat index of 106. That's just wrong.
I really don't have a lot more to say, if what I have already written was really something to say! More just thoughts, a shout out to all who read this.
OH, the young professional neighbors have been gone now for over a week. I hope they are looking for jobs and some place to live elsewhere, and when they get home, they put a "for sale" sign out in their yard. I would so do the happy dance!! Keep your fingers crossed!!
Well, that is all for now. Everyone try to stay cool. I do feel like we are just living recipes: you know, bake 350 degrees. Cool.
Oh, my letter to the editor has gotten good response. I was expecting to hear from the water and gas ass today, but there is absolutely nothing they could say for an excuse. And on my next payment, you can be sure that I will write the check to the Water and Gas Ass - maybe they will notice!
Really, I am going this time. Night!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sunday morning

Here it is, Sunday morning. Already 90 degrees, with the heat index of 99. The high today is supposed to be 97. I cannot wait. But Sunday brunch is on Z106 and as usual, Mike Bridges is playing some excellent music. Kudos to the late Dave Adcock for starting the "Tunes 'til Two" concept many many years ago.
We didn't go to the movie yesterday. We stayed around and watched FOUR shows that we had TiVoed!!! Kind of laying low on a hot Saturday afternoon! We did venture out last night to Vitamin World to get David some more of his supplements and then went to Cracker Barrel to get a salad. The place was packed!!! And I know I have mentioned the fact that they already had pumpkins and scarecrows up. Well, they actually had HALLOWEEN decorations for sale now!! ALL of the summer stuff is at least 40% off! Now is the time to nab Christmas presents while they are on sale. When they have the clothes marked down, and they are now, well, we have more warm days than cold, so tee shirts and all can be worn all year round. Some days, yes, you would need a sleeve, but here in the deep south, tee shirts are standard attire. And I always wonder why I try to look nice when we go to Cracker Barrel, when we see everyone else wearing things that I would only wear to walk the dog or clean up the dog yard!!! But I still feel the need to wear clean clothes when I go out in public!! And to make sure that they cover my body!!! But that's just me!!!
Enough about that. I wrote a letter to the editor of our newspaper. AND IT GOT A HEADLINE!!! I won't go into it here. Just suffice it to say that it dealt with the ineptitude of some of our city employees. And if they write a rebuttal, well, nothing they could say can defend what happened. I'm pretty sure that people will agree with me. I just had to get it off of my chest!!!
Sometimes, I would just love to move somewhere else. Maybe to someplace cooler?? Yep, that would work. And where we have better city employees!!!!!!!!!
We leave for Chicago a week from tomorrow. We have driven into Chicago many times, flown in a couple of times, but this is the first time we will take the train. We will have the grandmothers with us, so hopefully, they will be comfortable and get some sleep. David and I also hope to sleep. I do have sleeping pills and I am not afraid to use them!!! If we have to take naps when we get to our rooms, then so be it. I think everyone will understand. And as long as I can plop my mother in front of the television for her "stories", then things should go pretty smoothly. And I hate to keep harping on the heat, but I do hope that it will be cool while we are there. A few years ago, we took Norma, David's mom, with us to Chicago at the end of July and it was 97 degrees, NINE people died from heat related illnesses while we were there, and we were basically miserable!! Of course, the day after we got home, Erica called and said that the high was 75!! So, hopefully, we will skip the 97, and head straight into the 75!!!! I mean, I have a pretty outfit to wear. I don't want it clinging to my body!!!!! That would not be a pretty sight!!!
For those of you who watch television, I highly recommend the new USA show, Psych. It is so funny and the two leads are just precious. And I also highly recommend the AMC/BBC show Hustle, which just started its third season. VERY well written, very funny, very well acted. The only problem is that we cannot understand the English accents sometimes. The first season will be out on DVD in September, hopefully with subtitles! But, if you want a different kind of show that is very entertaining, watch it! It is on at 9 central time, on Wednesday nights. And for those of you who are old enough to remember watching The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Robert Vaughn is one of the stars. He is really aging very well! Tune in and prepare to laugh.
That is it for today. I may post tonight after we see the Pirates movie, to give my opinion and critique. But I feel that a good time will be had while watching it this afternoon!!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Sci Fi Friday

Well, here it is, almost eleven p.m. Friday night, the night that saw the season premieres of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. Very good episodes. We so do loves the sci fi!!!
Today has been overwhelmingly hot, with the heat index being 103. And it is supposed to be hotter tomorrow! Gee, I just love summer. NOT!!!! Give me a good cool breeze, dried leaves falling on the ground, the bright blue October sky (haven't seen that movie), and the sun setting earlier, THAT is what I love! Unbelievably, though, I have already gotten two Christmas catalogs (sneak previews, they say) and in Cracker Barrel, on July 6, they already had pumpkins, scarecrows, and autumn displays up! I do know that the Christmas tree will probably be up by Labor Day. But then, I have not taken my tree down in two years, so what can I say???
I got the great news that on August 3, I have to see a cardiologist. Now this really pisses me off. I mean, don't we have enough health issues in this house??? I had a very bad, for lack of a better word, "attack" of tachycardia a few weeks ago. My pulse was 130 and I felt like I was running a race. I was exhausted, couldn't catch my breath, had to lay down every afternoon. The doctor ran some blood tests, which came back okay, so then he ordered an echocardiogram. I thought sure it was just a fluke, since I was so much better by then. Well, they called yesterday and said that there was a "suggestion of blockage" that had to be checked out. Now, to be perfectly honest with you, I really wasn't that surprised, because I have had some weird symptoms, but it is just the timing, you know? They can't see me next week, the doctor is triple booked (I can't wait to sit in that waiting room for hours!). And then of course we will be in Chicago the next week for some reason or other. Oh yeah, Erica and Fuzzy are getting hitched!! Anyway, so August 3, my sister's 47th birthday, I get to go to the doctor. I am rather upset about it, because David's CT scan is a week later. I cannot be incapacitated because I have to keep him going. I have had a few tears, several prayers, and resignation that I have to deal with this, too, but we will be okay. I just have to believe that. Of course, since I got this news, I think about it, then I have a flutter or shortness of breath or something because it is on my mind. So, I think I need to see Pirates of the Caribbean this weekend to get my mind off of it. And then next week I have tons to do to get ready for the trip. I have to get bills paid, clothes washed and looked at, kittens and dogs looked after, and then I have to help the grandmothers with their preparations. I have to take my little handicapable kitten, Teddie, to stay with people she has never met, and she will be scared, but I cannot leave her here. She just scooted up under my legs as I typed that. I wish I could put a picture of her on this blog. Y'all would all just go "AWWWWWWWWW"!!
I guess it is time to go to bed. I am glad that tomorrow is Saturday. David has been working so hard and is so tired and his feet are still just throbbing. A movie will do him good, too!
And in two weeks, the WEDDING!!!!! I cannot believe it is so soon. Of course, right before Christopher and Katie's wedding, I looked at him and said, can you believe you are about to get married and here it is, over three years later!!!!!!!! Time does fly, whether you are having fun or not.
Take care and I'll be back soon with more exciting and scintillating prose from Vicksburg, Mississippi!!!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Thursday morning

Well, Christopher has tweaked my blog. It looks a lot better. Ironically, or maybe not since he is my son, he picked the "look" that I had at first chosen, but then I didn't really know what I was doing and the other one showed up. Does that make sense?? He gave me lots of tips that kind of just zoomed over my head! BUT.....
I can do paragraphs now. That is exciting.
How 'bout that Benji and Donyelle on So You Think You Can Dance? They were spectacular! But Mary Murphy bursting into tears after another couple's dance? She must be menopausal. I mean, it was good, but not THAT good!!!!!
Today is going to be another day of the same old same old. Too hot. Animals to take care of. Clothes to be washed. Another day in paradise, I guess. David is working overtime every day and has gone to bed early every night and hasn't been here too much. Physically, he may be here, but since he is usually asleep, there hasn't been too much communication going on! I hope that he can rest during the weekend. I would like to see the Pirates movie. And Daniel's coffee shop officially opens, although we have YET to get an invitation!!! I assume that we are invited though!!! I mean, we have already parked ourselves in there half a dozen times!!!!
Well, that is all for now. Oh, and since I am all things cats, Teddie, the little kitten, has gone to sleep on the kitchen rug. So cute, so cute. We are concerned about her health, since we really don't know what happened to her, but I hope she gets to grow up to be a big cat!!! She is so sweet and just gazes at us with love. That just tugs at our heartstrings!!!!! We are just suckers for furry babies!!!!!!
Bye for now!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Well, it is so hot here. I mean, I know it is summer and all that but COME ON!!!! I met my friend, Carolyn, for lunch and just didn't have any oomph to go anywhere else when we got through. I guess I am a bad friend! Anyway, I basically came home and crashed in the cool.

One thing that we did do during lunch was look at a 1972 South Vicksburg High School annual. Now, in 1971, they consolidated the schools, so everyone got busted up their senior year. My parents pulled me out of public school after my sophomore year, so at least my class ring had the right school name on it! They changed the name from Cooper High to South Vicksburg, so none of the class rings were right, and they changed Temple High to North Vicksburg, same thing with their rings. And rings were expensive then. I mean, my parents freaked out over paying 47 dollars because I wanted a blue stone and a crest!! And yes, I do know where my ring is, and yes, I didn't wear if after my first year of college. Now, with decades of hindsight, I see why some parents were buying their daughters "cocktail" rings, as they were called. They probably did wear them longer. But, for the record, none of my friends had cocktail rings!!

Okay, back to the annual. Boy, what a difference three and a half decades make (makes?). Some people are still living in Vicksburg, obviously, like our dentist (Don Jackson, Class of '72), the art teacher (Nancy Mitchell, Senior Beauty, Class of '72), and my friend and neighbor (Cheryl Swan, Senior sponsor, Wittiest, cheerleader, you name it, she was it, Class of '72). It was interesting, to say the least. Some people have just disappeared, you know, like D Day in Animal House, "whereabouts unknown", some have shuffled on off of this mortal coil, and some show up at Walmart every once in a while. You know, you look at them and go, hmmmm, do I know them and do I look that old???? Well, since I still can't get this bloggy thing to let me start a new paragraph, I will just sign off for the day. I will be back soon.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Hello, bloggers

Well, here I am, a newly minted blogger. I decided that I might as well start blogging. Someone might enjoy reading my random musings. I don't know how to put pictures or links or any of that "fancy" stuff yet, but I am sure that there will be more than plenty of you to tell me what to do, how to do it, and when!!!

I am trying to start a new paragraph but it isn't working right so I don't know what I am doing wrong. So, I guess it will be all one big paragraph. [Editor's Note- I have fixed this issue- for now, at least.] Anyway, at the moment, David is playing with the little handicapable kitten, it is very hot outside and I need to bring the dogs inside, so this is going to be a very short post. I did give a kitten away just a few minutes ago to a boy who we gave one to several years ago. And, when I went down the street walking Goober, another boy said he wanted one, so that will be good. I cannot get them all fixed and then this spring, we would be back in the same situation we were in last year. And it is good that I can get this taken care of before the trip to Chicago and THE WEDDING!!!!!

Okay, this is a new paragraph again. David is off of chemo until the next scan on August 10. He is really glad. His hands and feet have been really bad and now this will enable him to get better before Chicago. I predict lots of walking, which will be lots of fun with both grandmothers in tow!! But we will prevail! So, this is my first blog. Probably kind of boring, but it's a slow news day!!!! Thanks for reading and come back soon. I will be more interesting in the future!! Oh, and a Beatle song just came on the radio. Life is good.